Kenichiro Mogi, under Fire for the Hirosue Affair and Has a Disturbing Disposition by Fighting with Hitoshi Matsumoto in the Past | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kenichiro Mogi, under Fire for the Hirosue Affair and Has a Disturbing Disposition by Fighting with Hitoshi Matsumoto in the Past

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Kenichiro Mogi’s comments on Ryoko Hirosue’s affair have come under “fire”. He has been in similar trouble in the past. 

Brain scientist Kenichiro Mogi’s comments are causing controversy.

It all started with the current controversial report of the “W affair” between Ryoko Hirosue, an actress, and Shusaku Toba, a Michelin-starred chef. As if to capitalize on the topic, Mogi updated his YouTube page on July 4. He called himself “Kizayama Kizao,” and used “onee-ae” language.

I won’t say who he is, but I’m okay with people like P. P. Piko, P. Jun, and Chef P. P. I, Kizao Kizayama, will protect you.

Although he did not give their real names, he referred to them in a way that would be recognizable as the Hirosue riot. He continued,

I heard that Chef P was upset with Chef P, who is the opinionated person in the entertainment industry, but it’s okay. The days of people making assumptions about terrestrial TV, the world, and so on are over.

He criticized her, mentioning such things as “Akiko Wada” in a way that clearly identified her as Akiko Wada.

Later, Mogi wrote on Twitter, “It’s great that Akiko Wada gives her opinion. He followed up by criticizing the media, saying, “It’s pathetic that the media is so grateful for an ‘opinionated commentator,'” as if Mr. Wada had freaked out (laugh).

As for Mogi’s inflammatory rant, the row with “Downtown” star Matsumoto Hitoshi that took place in 2005 is probably the one that comes to mind.

At the time, Mogi said on Twitter that “terrestrial TV is wacko” and “Japanese comedians are the Galapagos ‘king of nakedness.” Public opinion was excited by these comments from Mogi, who was a hot seller at the time.

Then, Mr. Matsumoto calmly refuted the comment on the program, saying, “I don’t feel offended when this person says that to me. He calmly refuted the comment. The public and Mogi were increasingly harsh on him, and he was finally forced to explain himself directly to Mr. Matsumoto on the “Widener Show” (Fuji TV).”

Of course, opinions are free. However, Mogi’s stock in the company was probably lowered by the fact that he immediately apologized to Atsuhiko Nakata of Oriental Radio, who had criticized Matsumoto and stubbornly refused to apologize even after being asked to do so by his office.

Since the incident with Mr. Matsumoto, Mr. Mogi’s exposure on TV has been decreasing rapidly. In the case of Ms. Hirosue, I think he is trying to play along with the current controversy.

That is probably why they released such an extreme video using oneeye language. However, since she is now treated as a disturbing celebrity, it has become difficult for key stations to use her.

(A TV station official) As the darling of the times, Mogi, who at one time dominated the world, will be sorely missed. However, we mere mortals have no way of knowing what a genius brain scientist thinks.

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