Murdered his mother and ate her mutilated body… Beautiful yoga instructor “went to practice mediumship,” shocking motive for the crime. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Murdered his mother and ate her mutilated body… Beautiful yoga instructor “went to practice mediumship,” shocking motive for the crime.

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New suspect allegedly ate his mother’s body (from his Facebook page. The photo has been doctored.)

I murdered my mother.”

The woman, accompanied by her relatives, reportedly turned herself in to the police station just before noon on June 28.

On the same day, the Chiba Prefectural Police Investigation Division 1 arrested a suspect, Kahori Shin, 45, who lived in an apartment in Minami-Gyotoku, Ichikawa City, on suspicion of destruction of a corpse and abandonment. The suspect Shin is believed to have murdered her mother, Hiroko, 75. When the police searched the suspect’s home after he surrendered himself, they found a horrifying scene inside.

They found about 10 plastic bags in the bathroom. Inside were a human head and thigh ……. The plastic bags containing the bodies were not only in the bathroom,” said a reporter from the society section of a national newspaper.

The rest of the body was to be eaten later.”

What surprised the police even more was the statement of the new suspect.

He described his modus operandi as follows: “While I was sleeping, I strangled my mother’s neck. ‘I strangled my mother to death while she was sleeping. He carried the body to the bathroom and cut it open with a kitchen knife that was in the house. He ate part of the body. I planned to eat the rest later.

True to the words of the new suspect, the autopsy revealed that the neck of the body believed to be Hiroko’s had marks as if it had been compressed. Her legs and torso had been severed with a knife. Parts of the internal organs, including the esophagus and bladder, were said to be missing.

The new suspect apparently lived alone with Hiroko. He worked at a gym in Tokyo and was an instructor of yoga and ZUMBA, a fitness class that originated in South America. She had a cheerful and active personality and was popular among male students as a “beautiful instructor.

On the other hand, she was troubled by her relationship with Hiroko. Hiroko was not in good health and had been showing symptoms of depression for several years. According to reports from NTV and other media, he had his mother exorcised by a medium.” (Another reporter from the Social Affairs Department)

The new suspect himself has also entered the spiritual world, citing a Facebook post by one medium. It is known that he has attended many events.

The suspect told the police about his motive for committing the crime. ‘I needed to go to training to become a medium. I couldn’t go to training if my mother was there, so I killed her. Why couldn’t he go to training if Hiroko was there? Why was it necessary to cut up the body and eat it? …… There are still many mysteries surrounding the suspect’s words and actions.

Did the suspect undergo some kind of emotional change in the process of continuing his studies to become a medium? The police are investigating the detailed background of the case, including whether there was any trouble between the suspect and Hiroko.

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