Dressed in a cute school uniform, on an armchair date with a director-actor… Tomosakarie “starring in a drama series after 17 years” – beautiful photos of her true face | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Dressed in a cute school uniform, on an armchair date with a director-actor… Tomosakarie “starring in a drama series after 17 years” – beautiful photos of her true face

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June ’01. With actor Kawahara, whom she would later marry, in a Shibuya hotel district.

Actress Tomosaka Rie (43) will star in a drama for the first time in 17 years.

She will play the heroine in “Yuyu Wonderland” (BS TV TOKYO, etc.), which will start on July 15. At the production announcement on July 4, Tomosaka made the press laugh with the following words: “(The story is) about a manga artist who becomes obsessed with saunas.

At first I was a bit nervous (because of the sauna theme), but when I was wearing a skin swimsuit (a swimsuit that looks like bare skin), I felt more comfortable ……. Now I feel uncomfortable wearing the costume. It’s easier to be naked.”

Tomosaka has had a long career, spanning more than 30 years. In 1992, at the age of 12, she made her debut in the entertainment industry by appearing in a commercial for a major automobile manufacturer. In 1995, she came into the limelight playing the heroine Miyuki Nanase in the drama “Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo” (Nippon Television Network Corporation).

In the ’96 film “The Case of Tomoko,” she played both the lead role and sang the theme song. Her official blog, which she opened in ’06, became very popular as she introduced her personal life, including her children and the food she cooked. She has been divorced twice and married three times.

FRIDAY” has been paying attention to Tomosaka since shortly after her debut. The armchair umbrella date with a director-actor, the cute high school graduation photo, and the bold dress with a wide chest opening ……. We would like to introduce the charm of Tomosaka with her treasured photos.

In a hotel district in Shibuya: ……

It was June 2001 when I witnessed Tomosaka and Masahiko Kawahara, a director and actor, on a date arm-in-arm.

It was after 10 p.m. when drunken people were passing by on the street. The couple came out of a theater in Shibuya, Tokyo, where Kawahara was performing, and headed for the hotel district of Dogenzaka. Tomosako, who had been so imposing up to that point, hid her face under an orange umbrella, perhaps worried about being seen in the hotel district. However, they entered not a hotel, but an ethnic restaurant in the basement.

They sat at seats separated by a thin curtain, so I don’t know the details, but they were drinking cocktail-like drinks. They ordered several plates of food and seemed to be enjoying themselves, rubbing shoulders with each other. After leaving the restaurant, I saw them disappear into the night, arm in arm.

The two began dating after performing together on stage. On the day of the event, they were returning to Tomosaka’s apartment, where she lives with her boyfriend. Tomosaka and Kawahara married two years later in April 2003. They had their first child together, but announced their divorce in December 2008.

After her second divorce from a singer-songwriter at the end of 2004, Tomosaka announced her third marriage to a famous editor in the fashion industry in December 2010. After a tumultuous and eventful life, Tomosaka was chosen to play the leading role for the first time in 17 years since “Koi no Karafuda Drama Special: Jubillion Women” (Nippon Television Network Corporation, 2006). Expectations are high for her matured performance.

June ’01. On a date with Kawahara, arm in arm under a matching umbrella.
Gave a peace sign to the photographer of this magazine at the graduation ceremony of Horikoshi High School. February ’98.
July ’98. Her facial expressions and gestures are still very fresh.
May ’00. Production announcement of the play in which he will appear in Tokyo.
December ’14. Smiling at the launch of the drama in which she appeared.
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