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Tatsuro Yamashita’s “2 NG Words” in his “Nama Explanation” of “Johnny’s Sexual Assault

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Keiko Fujishima Julie Keiko said she “doesn’t know” about Janie Kitagawa’s sexual assault. Tatsuro Yamashita speaks the same way, but …… (from his official website)

Yamashita Tatsuro, a major singer-songwriter, has jumped into the middle of a scandal.

Yamashita has had many hits as a singer. He has also written and composed songs for many artists, and his music has straddled the line between the Showa and Reiwa eras.

Naturally, he has never been the target of scandal or gossip magazines. He has simply immersed himself in music, but now he has become embroiled in the sexual assault scandal involving Johnny’s’s founder, Mr. Kitagawa.

It all started when Kiyoshi Matsuo, a music producer, was “terminated” from Yamashita’s agency, Smile Company. The reason for this was that Mr. Matsuo had complained about the sexual assault problem at Johnny’s’s office, and on July 1, he wrote on Twitter

Tatsuro Yamashita also agreed with the company’s policy.

Tatsuro Yamashita also agreed with the company’s policy,” he clarified on Twitter on July 1. Smile Company is a close friend of Johnny’s office, and Yamashita has provided songs to other Johnny’s celebrities such as Masahiko Kondo and the KinKi Kids.

Yamashita appeared on TOKYO FM’s “Yamashita Tatsuro’s Rakuten Card Sunday Songbook” broadcast on January 9. Regarding the termination of Matsuo’s contract, Yamashita said, “Originally, there was no employment relationship with Matsuo.

The decision to terminate the contract was made by the president of the office.

“I did not urge him to terminate the contract.

He denied that he had ever urged Matsuo to terminate the contract.

Furthermore, regarding the issue of sexual assault, he said, “Vague rumors have been circulating.

“It was only a vague rumor,” he said.

He also denied that he was “unaware” of the 1999 trial between Shukan Bunshun and Johnny’s. “I was not aware of it,” he said.

I was unaware of it.

He also commented that he was “unaware” of the 1999 court case between Shukan Bunshun and the Johnny’s office.

Sexual assault is unforgivable,” he said.

“Sexual assault is unforgivable,” he said.

I am a music industry insider, and I have no knowledge of the inner workings of the Johnny’s office. I have no way of knowing about the fact of sexual assault.

He said, “I have no way of knowing about the sexual assault.

Fans reacted sensitively to this “I had no idea” statement. It was the same statement made by Keiko Fujishima, the current president of Johnny’s.

On the Internet, there were comments such as

“You really didn’t know?

“If you had heard rumors, why didn’t you check to see if they were true?”

If he had heard it through rumors, why didn’t he check the truth? Even if he “did not know,” the fact of Janney’s sexual assault has already been confirmed, and if he “cut off” Matsuo, who had complained about it, he would have been punished.

If he “cut off” Mr. Matsuo who complained about it, it would contradict his own assertion that “sexual assault is unacceptable.

If he “cut off” Mr. Matsuo, who complained about it, it would contradict his own assertion that “sexual assault is unforgivable.

The argument is almost the same as Mr. Julie’s. I didn’t know” is an NG word at this time. Yamashita, who was considered the “conscience” of the music industry, is now being disillusioned.

Yamashita uttered another “NG word. Toward the end of the speech, he said

Yamashita said, “Well, if you interpret this attitude of mine as a kind of discovery or being wrapped up in something long and complicated, that’s fine. I am sure those people do not need my music.

I am sure that such people do not need my music.

He had a unique “warm voice,” but what he was saying was not very nice (laugh). (Laughs.) The translation of his words is that he does not consider people who disagree with him as “customers. Some of the old fans were also disappointed.

This is partly because Yamashita is not accustomed to scandals. At the beginning of the program

At the beginning of the program, Yamashita said, “In today’s world, if you keep quiet, the word gets out and false information spreads rapidly, so I felt it was necessary to speak my mind, honestly and frankly.

However, as a result, the negative effect of mentioning the “NG word” was more significant. A promotion manager at a mid-sized record company said

In order to put out a fire like this, it is a standard practice to rehearse carefully with the agency, but when you are in Yamashita’s class, the agency cannot interfere. I suspect that Mr. Yamashita himself was very conscious of the fact that he would neither run nor hide.

I suspect that he was also very conscious of the fact that he would not run and hide.

A senior executive of a major production company also commented

A major production executive also asserts, “Given Ms. Yamashita’s character, it would have been better to let the office deal with this issue.

Yamashita’s “true intentions. Although it was good to hear Yamashita’s “true feelings,” we cannot deny the feeling that an unnecessary “color” was added to the story. The problem of Johnny’s’s sexual assault is having an impact on various fields.

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