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Why did Koji Murofushi, So Takei, Ami Inamura and others gather at a luxury hotel?

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It was the end of October when the state of emergency was lifted. At the end of October, the state of emergency was lifted, and a splendid and unique group of people gathered in the banquet hall of a super-luxury hotel in Tokyo.

Tsuyoshi Takei

Kiryu appeared as a guest on So Takei’s YouTube channel and had a conversation with him.

In addition to Sports Agency Director General Koji Murofushi (47) and TV personalities So Takei (48) and Ami Inamura (25), Ryota Yamagata (29), Shuhei Tada (25), Yuki Koike (26), the Tokyo Olympics men’s track and field relay team, and Asuka Cambridge (28), Shota Iizuka (30), and Kenji Fujimitsu (35), the Olympic track and field team, were also quick to arrive. Also present were the CEO of the sporting goods manufacturer ASICS and executives from the major entertainment agency Amuse.

What on earth was going on?

“There was a wedding reception for Yoshihide Kiryu (25), the former Japanese record holder in the 100m track and field event. Kiryu entered into marriage on New Year’s Day last year with an ordinary woman who works for a major electrical equipment manufacturer, and they had a baby boy in February this year. We were finally able to hold the event after the Olympics, which had been postponed, were over and the Covid-19 disaster had settled down.

There were no greetings or entertainment by the relay members, but Kiryu’s outfit after the color change was a white jacket and red pants, the uniform of the Olympic team (laughs). She reappeared with her eight-month-old baby, and at the end of the ceremony, Kiryu said to her parents, “Thank you for raising me. I heard that all the participants were in tears.

We hope that Kiryu and his sprinters friends will continue to do well after the ceremony.

Koji Murofushi (Director General, Sports Agency)

Mr. Hiroharu Murofushi, Director-General of the Sports Agency, who is battling an illness while continuing his official duties, also participated in the event. Kiryu trained to improve his physical condition under Murofushi’s guidance.

Ryota Yamagata

Yamagata, the 100m Japanese record holder, was the second runner in the men’s 400m relay at the Tokyo Olympics. Kiryu was the third runner.

Shuhei Tada

Tada was the first runner in the relay at the Tokyo Olympics. Kiryu even showed a video on Twitter of him imitating Tada’s running style.

Ami Inamura, Shota Iizuka, and Asuka Cambridge

The three of them chatting and laughing as they make their way to the wedding reception venue. Many of the attendees, including Inamura, were from the sports industry, and they all looked great in their suits.

From the November 19, 2021 issue of FRIDAY

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