Survey tells us “When the frogification phenomenon occurs” what men say and do that can cool down a 100-year love affair in an instant? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Survey tells us “When the frogification phenomenon occurs” what men say and do that can cool down a 100-year love affair in an instant?

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The “Frog Phenomenon” is a hot topic…

The term “frogging phenomenon” has become popular, and since it ranked first in the “Generation Z’s Top Trend Words for the First Half of 2023,” which was announced in June, it has slowly spread to the older generation and is often heard in the media.

This “frog-ification phenomenon” seems to refer to the phenomenon that as soon as the person you liked turns on you, for some reason you feel “weird” and cool down. It is the opposite of the fairy tale in which the ugly frog is actually a prince who has been enchanted, and the prince thinks he is a prince, but then the spell is broken and he becomes a frog.

Koisuru Usagi” (, a love solution media for women, conducted a survey of 200 women in their teens to fifties about the “frog-ification phenomenon. As a result, 50.5% of the women answered that they have experienced the phenomenon.

So, what kind of behavior of men can make a 100-year love grow cold? Here are some of the opinions expressed in the survey.

When the frogification phenomenon occurs…Part 1

When I saw a well-educated man of a good age holding his chopsticks in a bad way.

When I saw that your casual clothes were tacky.

When I saw someone’s attitude toward the waiter at a restaurant was bad.

When you saw him littering cigarette butts and gum on the street.

The moment I found out he was a NEET.

Nose hair.

When he suddenly said to a girl who was more than two years younger than me, “Shut up! Shut up!” to a child more than two years younger than him. He was a person who usually never said such a thing, so I suddenly thought, “What? I thought, “That’s so lame. These are opinions that many of us seem to remember. However, these opinions are actually only a small portion of the total. But these are actually only a few of the opinions. I can’t understand why women’s hearts are so puzzling. Women’s hearts are incomprehensible.

When the frogification phenomenon occurred, Part 2

When my hair grew long even though I liked short hair.

When I received homemade gateau chocolates in return for Valentine’s Day. When I received homemade gateau chocolates as a return gift for Valentine’s Day, I felt sickened by the fact that they were baked so well.

When he came to my house, we sat on the sofa, and the way he sat was on his inner thighs. I felt cold when he leaned on my shoulder.

When I saw that the other person was very neat and clean.

When I asked him for directions and he gave me the wrong directions.

When he used too many emojis on his LINE.

When someone suddenly pats you on the head or says, “Let’s be together forever,” even though he/she had never done such a thing before.

I would just like to say, “Where is the sin in being good at making sweets or being a neat freak? However, when I look at the following reasons, which are too unreasonable, these opinions still seem to be a better pattern.

When the frog phenomenon occurs, part 3.

When the other person tells you that he or she likes you.

When someone you thought you had a one-sided love with confesses it to you.

When the person you thought you had a one-sided love for begins to like you and contacts you more often or asks you out more often.

When I saw the person I thought I liked come running up to me with a letter for me, I thought, “Oh my God.

When we actually go out on dates, like going out to eat together.

When a person suddenly closes the distance between us and starts approaching me, touching me, or trying to show me his/her good side, as if he/she senses that I like him/her.

I am at a loss as to what to do when I say “I love you” or ask her out on a date and she hates me. What is this “frogging” phenomenon? We interviewed Rieko Saigo, a relationship counselor who has counseled more than 15,000 couples on love and sex.

She said, “Perhaps it is because the term ‘frogging’ has become popular, but I have the feeling that there is a confusion between the common phenomenon of people simply going out with someone because they like him, but then cooling off when they see how uncool he is, and the original meaning of the phenomenon.

My understanding is that the frogification phenomenon is a romantic phenomenon that occurs in limited circumstances, mainly among women in their teens and twenties. The main characteristic of this phenomenon is a lack of romantic experience. So if you have been with two or three people, it is not a frog phenomenon, it is just a cold shoulder.

So when does it actually happen?

There are two more characteristics of women who suffer from the frog phenomenon. It is not that they have a complex or lack self-confidence, but that they have such a low self-esteem that they say, “I hate myself.

It’s like they’re just a little bit twisted. This is the kind of person who would say, “No, it’s not like that. I like you.” So when a boy confesses his love to her, she feels nothing but distrust and discomfort. So when a boy they like confesses his love to them or shows his affection for them, even though they have gone from a one-sided love to a two-sided love, instead of feeling ‘happy,’ they feel ‘uncomfortable.

Another is due to aversion regarding sexuality.

Women are less aware of their own sexual desires than men of the same age. They are satisfied with just thinking the guy they like is cool and getting a thrill out of it, and are not immune to sexuality. Therefore, they feel uncomfortable when they feel sexual images in the favors they receive from others. Just by holding hands for a moment, words like “it’s weird” or “I’m physiologically impossible” come out.

This kind of low self-esteem and aversion to being seen as sexual, or both, should have been the original frogging phenomenon. In terms of the responses to this survey, most of the comments that I would consider the third group to be the frogification phenomenon.”

If this is the case, then it seems that no matter how careful the men are about what they say and do, they seem unable to prevent the “frog phenomenon.

In the end, the frogification happened not because of words or attitudes on the part of the men, but because the girls are in a romantically immature state and have low self-esteem. It’s not the men’s fault, so it’s sad, but there’s nothing we can do or offer to do about it. He has to overcome it. So instead of worrying about why she was rejected, she should console herself and say that it was inevitable.

From “Koisuru Usagi” (Rabbit in Love)
From “Koisuru Usagi” (Rabbit in Love)

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