The Kabuki world is in turmoil: The case of the suspect Ennosuke Ichikawa has raised voices lamenting his early death, saying, “If only Kanzaburo had been around… | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The Kabuki world is in turmoil: The case of the suspect Ennosuke Ichikawa has raised voices lamenting his early death, saying, “If only Kanzaburo had been around…

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The suspect, Ennosuke Ichikawa (left), is currently being questioned by police. He was a great admirer of the late Kanzaburo Nakamura (right). ……

The “family suicide” of Ennosuke Ichikawa, 47, has created an atmosphere of chaos in the Kabuki world.

On May 18, the suspect was found unconscious at his home in Meguro Ward, Tokyo, with his father, kabuki actor Danshiro Ichikawa, and his mother lying on the second floor, where they were later confirmed dead.

Sarunosuke told investigators.

“We had a family meeting and decided to say good-bye together.

The authorities are investigating the case. The authorities arrested him on suspicion of assisting his mother’s suicide. As for Mr. Danshiro, he was in need of nursing care and suffering from advanced dementia, and it is doubtful that he was able to make normal judgments, so the authorities are investigating him for murder.

The family suicide of one of the most famous actors of his day was a shocking incident. The shock was so great that Danjuro Ichikawa, with whom he had been in contact, wrote on his blog

I am just so sorry about all of this.

I am just so sorry for everything. The Sawasaya troupe, which has lost its “master,” is being reestablished under the leadership of Teruyuki Kagawa, aka Ichikawa Chuguruma, and his eldest son, Danko Ichikawa, but both are new to the troupe and are unsure what the future holds for them.

Some weekly magazines are reporting that Mr. Kagawa visited the suspect and performed a Kabuki kata on the spot, but what in the world is going on? If this is true, it does not seem to be a beautiful story, but rather an expression of the suspect’s intention to succeed to Sawasaya in front of him,” said an insider involved with the Nashien.

says a person related to the pears garden. Some Kabuki actors who accompanied the suspect expressed their displeasure when they saw the report.

Shochiku, the company that manages the Kabuki theater, is likely to go for his son, Danko, rather than Kagawa, but he is still only 19 years old and has some loose ends to tie up.

He is still only 19 years old and has a certain out-of-touch quality. He has a lot of sensitivity, so he will change depending on his surroundings. We have to nurture him carefully.

The overwhelming majority of people in the Kabuki world are saying, “He is still a young man.

In the Kabuki world, there are those who lament the “absence” of Nakamura Kanzaburo (57 years old), who passed away in 2012.

In May of the same year, Kanzaburo announced that he had early-stage esophageal cancer. He began medical treatment, but after the surgery, he developed pulmonary edema from respiratory distress syndrome and died.

He was charismatic. He was well connected not only in the entertainment world, but also in politics and sports, and was adored by many people. He visited clubs in Ginza minute by minute and paid a lot of money each time, drinking like a “Showa-era star.

On the other hand, he was strict about Kabuki, practicing all day long and worrying about the future of the Kabuki world. Many people say that if Mr. Kanzaburo had lived, the incident involving Mr. Ennosuke would never have happened.

The suspect cited as his motive the sexual harassment and power harassment reported in “Josei Seven” magazine. In the article, there is a reference to the suspect’s sexual minority.

I have heard that he was strict with his “subordinates. He may have mistakenly believed that he could do whatever he wanted because he was the de facto head of the Sawasaburoya.

“What if Kanzaburo had lived? I am sure he would have warned him before he escalated. That’s the kind of person he is. …… Mr. Ennosuke also adored Mr. Kanzaburo, so I’m sure he took that to heart.”

In addition to Mr. Kanzaburo, other major figures in the Kabuki world have passed away one after another over the past decade, including his predecessor Danjuro Ichikawa, Tojuro Sakata, and Kichiemon Nakamura. The “tragedy” of the Ennosuke suspect may be due in part to the premature passing of these predecessors. ……

  • PHOTO Ippei Hara (Ennosuke), AP/Afro (Kanzaburo)

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