It’s not just about action! Nana Seino’s “troubled face” and smiling face that won her a huge following among women in “Sunday Night”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

It’s not just about action! Nana Seino’s “troubled face” and smiling face that won her a huge following among women in “Sunday Night”.

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Seino flashes an exquisite smile at co-star Jun Hashimoto.

In late June, the final episode of “Sunday Night About…” (TV Asahi) was being filmed at a closed family restaurant in Chiba Prefecture. Nana Seino (28), the lead actress, dressed in a family restaurant clerk’s uniform, handed a bouquet of flowers to Jun Hashimoto (59), who plays the manager, with a big smile on her face. Surrounding performers and staff also applauded loudly. For a moment, I wondered what kind of scene this was…a scene that was never seen in the drama, but it seems that this day was the crank-up.

The drama is a story of friendship between three women, played by Seino, Yukino Kishii (31), and Airu Ikumi (21), who are living a life of drudgery and even laughing seems like a sin.

However, once the drama began to air, it was flooded with comments from young women on SNS, such as “It’s too realistic and hard to watch” and “Monday mornings are too hard,” causing many to drop out of watching the drama. In particular, Ms. Kiyono’s exquisite “troubled face” that comes out when she reminds herself not to smile is so realistic that many women compared it to their own.

In the scene at the family restaurant where Sachi Kishida, played by Kiyono, works, the scene is mainly about sexual harassment by the manager and moral harassment by her father, and there is not a single scene where Kiyono smiles until the last episode. Toward the end of filming, the staff lined up in front of the family restaurant with bouquets of flowers, waiting for Kiyono to come out. Receiving the bouquet, Kiyono finished filming, which lasted about four months,

After a year and a half of filming, it was the first time I had participated in the filming of a drama, and it made me realize how fun it is to be in the field again,” she said on the program’s official YouTube page.

(official YouTube video of the program), and was moved to tears. Speaking of Seino, she is an action actor known for her role as Qiang Xiang in “Kingdom: Fire of Destiny,” which is scheduled to be released in theaters on July 28,

She has always said that she would like to challenge Hollywood as an action actor, and last May she transferred to Top Court, an agency to which many actors belong. This drama, the first drama without any action since her transfer, has raised her reputation as an actor.

He professes his competitive spirit. It seems certain that she is one step closer to Hollywood.

FRIDAY” has seen Kiyono’s “fresh smile,” which has not been seen in the drama so far. We hope that in her next film, she will show us a big smile.

Kiyono hands a bouquet of flowers to Jun Hashimoto
Kiyono shows a big smile at a girls’ party (Sept. 20, ’19 issue)
Kiyono shows a big smile at a girls’ night out (Sept. 20, ’19 issue).
Kiyono appearing in “Yasuragi no Toki – Michi” (TV Asahi) (May 3, ’19 issue)
Kiyono driving a car on a rare occasion (August ’19).
Filming for “Just Putting My Seals on the Marriage Registration” (TBS) (November 19, 2009 issue).
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