Discover the location of her first movie! Former “BiSH” Aina the End, who disbanded, should be a model “acting actress”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Discover the location of her first movie! Former “BiSH” Aina the End, who disbanded, should be a model “acting actress”.

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Aina the End (center) on location in Shinjuku. Suzu Hirose can be seen next to her. The film was shot late at night, but she never looked tired.

Another popular band has brought the curtain down on its history.

On June 29, the six-member punk band “BiSH” announced its dissolution with the “Bye-Bye Show for Never” live performance at Tokyo Dome. After the group’s launch in 2003, the members went through a transition, and in August 2004, the group started its activities under its current structure.” In 2009, they made their first appearance on NHK’s “Kohaku Uta Gassen” (Red and White Singing Contest), but at the peak of their popularity, they decided to end their 8-year career.

The name of the group comes from the phrase “Brand-new idol SHiT (newborn shit idol). As the name suggests, their debut music video featured an extreme performance in which they sang while wearing horse poop. Since their early days, they have gained a cult-like following. In a sense, their dissolution at this point in time can be said to be typical of the girls.

As for the future, all members have announced that they will continue their entertainment activities. While each of them will utilize their own areas of expertise and develop multiple activities in addition to music, such as writing and art, Aina the End (28) is attracting a great deal of attention from within the industry.

Aina has demonstrated her multi-talents since the start of her activities, including choreographing the group’s dances.” In 2005, she made her solo debut, and in ’20, she began her full-fledged activities as a singer-songwriter. In 2010, she took on the challenge of performing on the stage, expanding the scope of her activities. Her first movie “Kirie’s Song” will be released in October of this year, and she has been soaring to stardom at a rapid pace,” says an advertising agency official.

This magazine witnessed Aina the End on location for her latest movie. Last spring, we found her on location in Shinjuku at night with her co-star Suzu Hirose (25). Although it was late at night on location, Aina the End was acting with a serious face that showed no signs of fatigue. The filming went smoothly, and the crew broke up after 10 pm.

The film’s lead actresses are Suzu Hirose and Hana Kuroki, and they have been chosen to play the lead roles in the film, so they have attracted a lot of attention. If this film is a success, she is sure to make a full-fledged breakthrough. Hikari Mitsushima is a model case when it comes to her career as an actress. After working as an idol, she honed her skills on stage and established a unique acting style that only she can deliver. The strong subcultural flavor of her work is also a common thread. Of course, it depends on what kind of career Aina wants, but if she wants to be active as an actress as well, it may be a good option to focus on the stage and polish her acting skills like Ms. Mitsushima.

What kind of career will she pursue now that she has reached the end of her life?

In between takes, he and Hirose had a chat. Hirose, who has long said that she “admires” him, smiles in front of him.
There was also a scene where he suddenly apologized, saying “I’m sorry” if he had made a mistake. Still, the shooting was conducted in a friendly atmosphere from start to finish.
[Image] Former “BiSH” Aina the End, who disbanded, should be a model “acting actress
Aina the End, the former “BiSH” who broke up, should be a model for “Actresses of the Acting School
[Image] Former “BiSH” Aina the End should be a model for “Actresses of the Acting School”.
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