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<Ryo Nishikido and Riisa Naka’s “too sexy kiss scene” in a Netflix drama has become a topic of conversation!

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Is the man’s sex appeal that leaks out endlessly a true thing or an act (’19)?

The kiss scene between Ryo Nishikido (38) and Riisa Naka (33) at a pachinko parlor in the Netflix drama “Let’s Get Divorced” is causing a stir. The following is the scene of interest.

A date at a pachinko parlor. Yui’s (Naka) table reaches. Kyoji (Nishikido) whispers to Yui.

When it’s all there, you hit right.

Yui is confused.

Yui is puzzled. Then, there is an electronic sound that tells her that she has hit the jackpot. Kyoji gently places his hand on Yui’s and slowly turns the handle to the right. Yui looks at Kyoji’s face with surprise.

Kyoji looks at Yui and smiles. Then, he slowly pulls down Yui’s mask and lays his lips on hers. For a moment, Yui’s eyes widen in dismay. However, she closes her eyes and accepts Kyoji.

Yui removes her hand from the steering wheel and clutches Kyoji’s shoulder fiercely, and the two devour each other’s lips fiercely in the middle of a pachinko parlor…

The drama is a comedy co-written by Shizuka Oishi and Kankuro Kudo. It depicts the differences between a third-generation congressman, played by Momori Matsuzaka, and his wife, Riisa Naka, a nationally known actress, who want to get divorced but cannot due to their mutual circumstances. Nishikido plays the role of “Pachi Artist,” a self-proclaimed professional pachinko player and artist with whom Naka falls in adulterous love.

The pachi-artist Kyoji, played by Nishikido, is a Tokyo University graduate who makes a living from pachinko while creating mysterious objects. The character is full of weirdness and oozes sex appeal, and has been praised on SNS and other social networking sites for the high quality of Nishikido’s work.

Nishiki Dokun… you’re getting more and more sexy! I love it!

Ryo-chan, who plays Kyoji’s sexy and mysterious side, is very attractive, and as the story progresses, I find Kyoji to be even more wonderful.

This is the quintessential Nishikido, Ryo-chan. I’ve been waiting for this!

Of course I was hooked. Kyoji’s coolness must be the sex appeal that only Ryo Nishikido can bring out.

However, Nishikido apparently had quite a bit of trouble creating the actual role.

Kyoji is not only a gigolo who seduces Yui, but he is also a key character whose unexpected words and actions in the latter half of the story throw everyone around him into chaos, making it a difficult role.

Nishikido also had a hard time playing the role and consulted with the director and producer. At an event to celebrate the distribution of the drama, he said, “I was groping around, wondering how I should do it, and asking them to please make it look that way.

At the same event, he was asked, “Do you usually have a side like Kyoji?

He replied, “I don’t know. I may have a yearning for the strength to go after what I believe in, but I can’t live my life with such a sense of dignity.

On the other hand, there are those who say that Nishikido is too into it and looks like he is just being himself.

Speaking of Nishikido, he is known for his “too free” behavior, so much so that even the agency had a hard time with him by the time he quit Johnny’s. He is also known as the “Takemikazuchi” of the drinking world. He is known for his “too free” behavior, so much so that when he left the Japaneseses, he was said to have been put in a lot of trouble by the agency. Two years ago, a karaoke video was leaked of him with a woman who appeared to be a single mother who was on the verge of marrying Satoshi Ohno (42), a former member of Arashi. Two years ago, a karaoke video was leaked with a woman who appeared to be a single mother who almost married Satoshi Ohno (42), a former member of Arashi. I feel that his public image as a free man who leaks his sexuality is exactly what he is.

In an interview with “Music Natalie,” Nishikido said, “I try to be sexy.

In an interview with “Music Natalie,” Nishikido said, “I don’t think you can ever be sexy if you think, ‘I’m going to do this to be sexy. That’s just my “what is sex appeal? (laughs). I think sexiness is something that leaks out, not something that comes out, so I was praying that it would leak out, even if just a little bit. I was praying for it to leak out, even if only a little.

As a result, the sexiness leaked out too much. I am not sure if it was a genuine performance or an act, but there is no doubt that it was a wonderful performance that moved people’s hearts.

In August 2006, when it was reported that he was dating a married woman living in the Kansai region, a “bed photo” was leaked.
In July ’14, he went home after shopping at a supermarket with a beautiful and stylish woman.
In 2011, he co-starred with Yui Aragaki in “Zenkai Girl” (Fuji TV). Their relationship had been rumored since then.
In ’13, they went to Aragaki’s apartment in the middle of the night when it was raining lightly.
In April ’18, Nishikido leaves the restaurant right after the trouble of being beaten up by Eita.
In December ’12, he gets drunk at a birthday party for Hitoshi Akanishi’s younger brother
With Junichi Okada at Johnny’s’s New Year’s Eve party in 2004.
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