A priest of a famous temple “had a ‘breakup artist’ steal a married woman’s luxury bag. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A priest of a famous temple “had a ‘breakup artist’ steal a married woman’s luxury bag.

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Suspect Imai in Judogi (from his SNS).

Why would the head priest of a famous temple with a history of over 350 years ask a married woman to steal luxury brand goods from his home?

The puzzling case came to light on June 26. The Setagaya Police Department of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department announced the arrest of two suspects, Yuyama Imai, 47, of Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, and Yusuke Otsubo, 33, of Nakamachi, Kodaira City, for stealing bags and other items from the home of Ms. A, a woman in her 30s living in an apartment in the same ward.

The Imai suspect is the chief priest of Reisenin (Hiroo, Shibuya Ward) of the Daitokuji School of Rinzai Zen Buddhism. The suspect, Otsubo, was working part-time for a detective agency that claims to be a “breakup agency.

Reisenin is a famous temple founded in 1669 during the Edo period. It is close to Hiroo Station on the Tokyo Metro Line and is a magnificent temple with white walls and a solid gate. The suspect, Imai, seems to have been quite well-to-do, owning several luxury cars, including a bright red Audi. He also seemed to be physically fit, uploading pictures on his social networking site showing him proudly wearing judo wear.

The incident occurred in March of this year. He did not go through a detective agency to the suspect Otsubo, but directly asked him to commit theft for a fee of about 1 million yen. Imai told the police that he was acquainted with Ms. A, but denied committing the crime, saying, “I did not do anything like that. Otsubo admitted that he had no doubt about it.

3,120,000 yen in cash and 31 luxury brand goods

Imai’s SNS with images of luxury cars

A large amount of money and luxury brand goods were stolen from Mr. A’s house. According to the police, about 3,120,000 yen in cash and 31 items (worth about 1,555,000 yen) including Chanel bags were stolen.

Imai has a wife and child. What happened between the two?

What became clear from Otsubo’s statement and other evidence was Imai’s warped desires. It seems that Imai was fond of Ms. A and had been giving her brand-name goods as gifts for some time. According to Otsubo, the suspect had explained to Ms. A that if she lost the items he had given her, she might take an interest in him again and take an interest in him.

He probably thought that if a large sum of money was stolen, the couple’s relationship would deteriorate and Ms. A would want the bag. If he thought that giving her a luxury brand item would make her feel good about him, he was mistaken.

Imai was a priest of a prestigious temple and had both status and honor. If the crime is true, he betrayed not only his family and the victim, but also the feelings of his congregation.

Imai, who lived a good life (from his social networking site)
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