Will she lose her “leading role” to a popular actress? The “too much pressure” that Maayu Matsuoka, the leading actress of “The Best Teacher”, is under. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Will she lose her “leading role” to a popular actress? The “too much pressure” that Maayu Matsuoka, the leading actress of “The Best Teacher”, is under.

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On July 15, actress Mayu Matsuoka (28) will star in the NTV drama series “The Best Teacher: 1 Year Later, I Was ■Satisfied by My Students” (every Saturday at 10 pm).

The protagonist of the story, played by Matsuoka, is Rina Kujo, a homeroom teacher at Horai High School, Class D, 3rd Grade. She is a chemistry teacher who has given up being close to the times and to her students. On the day of her graduation ceremony, she is pushed down by “one of her homeroom students. She then goes back in time and stands at her teaching table, and what she sees before her eyes are “30 suspects=students” who will murder her a year later. He is prepared to take on the role of a teacher who risks his life to face his students, overthrowing his classroom, his life, and everything in it.

Masaki Suda (30) stars in this completely original script. The film, based on a completely original script, is based on a popular TV series starring Masaki Sugata (30), which aired in January 2007 and attracted a lot of attention with each episode. The film is based on a completely original screenplay. This is a completely original scripted drama that is based on the same TV series that aired in January 2007, “3 Years A Class – From Now On! The producer and director of “3A” are the same producers and directors who worked on “3Year A Class – From Now on, You’re All Hostages – (3A The producer and director who worked on “3G.

The first student to be announced is actress Mana Ashida (19). She will be the first high school graduate to appear in a commercial drama series since “Our House” (Fuji TV) in 2004.

Later, it was announced that actors Okudaira Daikane (19), Kato Seishiro (21), Toma Ami (16), Kubozuka Airu (19), Kayashima Mizuki (18), and AKB48 members Honda Hitomi (21) and Teramoto Rio (21) would also appear as students in the drama.

The COVID-19 crisis has been contained, which has made it possible for us to plan a drama that will bring together such a large group of people.” There are high expectations for the drama, as our station has not been blessed with any hit dramas recently. Matsuoka and the other cast members seem to be feeling the anticipation on the spot.

According to some reports, Kou Shibasaki was originally cast as the lead, but Matsuoka was chosen because of “too much age difference to clash with the students. Mr. Matsuoka must be enthusiastic about his big role, but it is the third year in a row that he has starred in a drama series in the commercial GP series. However, he had to bear a great deal of pressure in a different sense, as he did three years ago in a drama series in which he starred in a commercial GP series. If he can rebound from this pressure this time, he will grow even more.

The pressure Matsuoka was under three years ago was from the romantic comedy “Okane no Kiri ga Koi no Hajimari” (TBS) in the September ’20 season. Matsuoka, who has won numerous film awards for her roles in the “Chihayafuru” series, “Shoplifter Family,” and “Honeybee and Thunder” films, was in the spotlight for her starring role in a drama series on a commercial key station, but tragedy struck on July 18 during the filming.

Haruma Miura, who was scheduled to star opposite Matsuoka, passed away suddenly. Mr. Miura was a mood maker on set, so the cast and crew, including Matsuoka, were devastated. At first, the production was considered to be put on hold, but since it would be Mr. Miura’s last work in the drama, a total of 8 episodes were completed without Mr. Miura’s understudy. However, since the drama was to be a posthumous work for Mr. Miura, the decision was made to shorten the story from 8 episodes to 4 complete episodes and rework the script. The scene in the middle of the fourth episode, in which Ms. Miura participated in the recording, was incorporated. The story was shortened to four episodes, and the script was reworked.

When the final episode aired, “#Kanekoi” became the number one trending topic on Twitter in Japan, and the average household rating was 10.9% (according to Video Research, Kanto region, the same below), and the average for all four episodes was 10.5%.

Matsuoka said, “Before the broadcast, he was feeling tremendous pressure and had a tense expression on his face at work. However, the first episode aired and the viewer rating was 11 11.6% in viewer rating. However, when the first episode aired and received a rating of 11.6%, his facial expression suddenly brightened. He must have been oversensitive to the ratings because of the Miura incident.

And now “The Best Teacher” is about to be broadcast, and it seems that they are also under a lot of pressure.

The reason for this is that “3A,” for which the team was in charge this time, started with a 10.2% rating in its first episode. The percentage dropped to single digits during the course of the drama, but towards the end of the drama, the “mystery” of why the main character, a high school teacher played by Sugata, locked up his students 10 days before graduation was actively solved on the Internet, and the final episode recorded 15.4%. The final episode recorded 15.4%.

However, as viewership has been declining among young people over the years, it has been difficult to get double-digit viewer ratings in the past few years, and the TV stations have been making efforts to increase the number of views and subscribers to TVer, a free streaming service for commercial broadcasters. In such a situation, “3A” is being compared with “3A” in terms of viewer ratings.

If the ratings are too low for “3A If the ratings were to fall below “3A,” there would be a lot of articles comparing the two, which would have a negative impact on the cast and crew, including Matsuoka. However, the student actor in “3A The student cast of “3A” includes Mei Nagano, Ryota Katayose (GENERATIONS ), Rina Kawaei, Moeka Kamishiraishi, Toshihisa Hagiwara, Mio Imada, Haruka Fukuhara, and Kamio Fūju, all of whom are now starring in the film.

However, Ashida stands out in the student role this time, and the other student actors are more popular and well-known than those in “3A. However, Ashida is the most prominent student in the series, and the other student actors are less popular and less well known than those in “3A,” so it will be tough to get high viewer ratings. Furthermore, Matsuoka is probably aware of the “acting duel” with Ashida, but if Ashida comes to her senses here, she may be treated as if she were the “star” of the show. However, the production side must have high expectations for Ashida as well.

(Entertainment reporter) It seems that this will be a critical moment for Matsuoka in the lead role.

On location near Chiba Station in May 2010.
Perhaps he was hungry, but he was chomping on a mixed nut during a break.
In April ’19, she went to Daikanyama for a dinner party with her musical co-stars.
Matsuoka leaves the restaurant late at night after the dinner party. He seemed to have had a great time and was in a very good mood.
Dashing over a bridge on location for “Hatsukoi no Devil” (Nippon TV) in August ’22.
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