Cocomi & Koki ‘Hold Dad’s Arm and Make a Kissing Face’ – Fans Rejoice! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Cocomi & Koki ‘Hold Dad’s Arm and Make a Kissing Face’ – Fans Rejoice!

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They even took a friendly walk together…!

Model Koki, daughter of national idols Takuya Kimura and Shizuka Kudo, and her older sister Cocomi have been making a big splash on their Instagram accounts, posting “photos of memories with their dad when they were little. The photos were posted to coincide with Kimura’s 49th birthday on November 13, and fans are rejoicing as Koki posted a lot of dusty photos of herself squeezing Kimura’s arm at the zoo and Cocomi kissing Kimura.

First, Koki wrote, “Happy Birthday Dad !!!!! In the first photo, the family of four are all smiling together in front of a birthday cake. The first photo shows the family of four in front of a birthday cake, all smiles, with the words “Happy Birthday TOTOchan” written on the cake. I wonder if Kimura is called Toto-chan at home. ……?

The next photo is of Kimura and his sisters wearing wild sunglasses. This dad is way too cool for his own good. ……! And the third photo is from the zoo, showing Kimura and her sisters in front of a female lioness lying down and sleeping, with her eyes closed as if imitating the lion. Koki is holding Kimura’s arm and looks very cute.

Cocomi, on the other hand, wished Kimura a happy birthday with five photos and a video: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my best friend! “The first photo is of the four members of the family gathered in front of a birthday cake, just like Koki’s. “It’s exactly one year different from the one Koki posted.

In the second photo, Kimura is crushing Cocomi’s cheek, and in the third photo, Cocomi is kissing Kimura on the cheek. The fourth is a three-shot of Kimura and his sisters at the farm, and the fifth is a funny picture of Kimura and Cocomi using the “face swap filter” to switch their faces.

The last video shows Kimura, who just became a father, playing with Cocomi, who is just sitting up, holding her arms. The happy smile on Kimura’s face makes me smile.

I wonder how far the strongest family in history, the Kimura family, will go. I can’t take my eyes off them any more. ……!

  • Photo Keisuke Nishi

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