Kobe 6-year-old abandoned case: Abused by mother, controlled by younger brother… The Hosaka family’s eldest daughter’s fierce half-life revealed after her arrest. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kobe 6-year-old abandoned case: Abused by mother, controlled by younger brother… The Hosaka family’s eldest daughter’s fierce half-life revealed after her arrest.

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What was taking place in an apartment in a residential area in Kobe City’s Nishi Ward was a “bizarre” tragedy involving four siblings.

The incident came to light late at night on June 20, when Yumiko Hosaka, 57, was taken into custody on a street in Tarumi Ward, Kobe City, about 10 km from her apartment in Nishi Ward.

A man in the neighborhood spotted Yumiko sitting in a wheelchair on the street and called 110. At the time, Yumiko explained that she had been beaten at home. Later investigations revealed that the siblings had locked Yumiko in a locked closet in their home since around March of this year and assaulted her with an iron pipe. The police visited her home in Nishi Ward, but it was already deserted,” said a reporter from the society section of a national newspaper.

On April 22, the prefectural police, who had been pursuing the disappearance of the siblings, took them into custody in Center Street in Sannomiya, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, and arrested the oldest daughter, Saki Hosaka, 34, the second son, Daichi, 32, and twins, Tomomi and Asaka, 30, on charges of confining and injuring their mother, Yumiko. But the tragedy does not end there.

Family Correlation

After the arrest, agents accompanying the suspect, Saki, found an abandoned suitcase in the grass near their home. Inside was the suspect’s son, Nao Hosaka (6), who had been left for dead.

The body of Osamu was already partially decomposed. The cause of death was traumatic shock. The body had been beaten at least 10 times, and bruises were spread all over his back. The siblings are believed to have dumped the body immediately after Osamu’s murder on the 19th.

At the same time when the body was allegedly dumped, a resident of a neighborhood in the Nishi Ward witnessed the siblings in this manner.

I think it was around 5:00 in the evening. I saw a group of four men dressed in black with hoods and caps on their upper bodies. They were also wearing sunglasses, and one of them was pulling a suitcase. They all looked strangely happy and smiling, which left an impression on me. As we passed each other, my wallet fell out, so I picked it up and took it to the police station. The officer and I checked inside and found a card with the name ‘Hosaka’ written on it.”

The grassy area where Shu-chan was found. Normally, the grassy area where Shu-chan was found is chained off and inaccessible.

The eldest daughter, who was handicapped and had to take care of everything in the family.

The suspect, Shuki, locked up his own mother and even hurt his own children. On the other hand, at the municipal housing in Tarumi Ward where her siblings spent their childhood, she was frequently seen as the eldest daughter taking care of her younger brothers and sisters.

She was frequently seen taking care of her younger siblings as the eldest daughter. The house was a dump. There were garbage bags piled up on the balcony, and cockroaches were springing from them and moving in and out of the house. The Hosaka family bought rabbits as pets, and the smell of their animal odor and feces and urine was also terrible.

The suspect, Saki, in middle school. During his school years, he attended a support class. He also set records in track and field meets when he was in high school, but his mother, Yumiko, went bankrupt around the same time.

The children would go outside to throw out the garbage, but the bag would drag, causing the juice inside to drip out, and the neighbors would complain. Her mother often leaves the house at night without the children, and when she asks Saki, “Is your mother around? She would say, “She’s out, so I have to make dinner. I used to see her asking her younger brothers, “Listen to me! I saw her asking her younger siblings to do what she wanted them to do.

The Hosaka siblings consist of five siblings, and in addition to the four who were arrested this time, there is an eldest son between the suspects Saki and Daichi. She was also the one who understood the complicated situation of the single mother’s family.

When they were in elementary school, Saki told me, ‘There is a man I call Oji-chan, but he is actually my father. Her mother left the children alone. There was a time when the three older siblings were sitting side by side on the stairs of the apartment complex at midnight, and when I looked, my brothers were bleeding from their heads. Their hands were also swollen from injuries, and the neighbors had no choice but to patch them up. A mother once beat the children with an iron pipe, and the police were involved. Those children were born of misfortune.

After graduating from a local junior high school, Shaki entered a school for the disabled. He also showed an active side, competing in track and field events in Hyogo Prefecture for the handicapped. However, the family’s financial difficulties remained unchanged, and when Shaki was in his second year of high school, his mother, Yumiko, went bankrupt.

After graduating from high school, Saki moved from job to job, working for a mail-order company and at a cabaret club. After becoming pregnant, she came to an apartment in Nishi Ward where her mother and two younger sisters lived.

After giving birth to Shu, she became a mother herself. A parent whose child attends the same nursery school said, “Shaki is a mother.

Saki often carried her child on the back of her cream-colored bicycle to and from the daycare center. Although she was not an official day-care center mother, she was helping out as a “mother teacher.

The day after Osamu’s body was dumped, four people were walking in downtown Osaka. Saki, Daichi, and their twin sister were holding hands.

An acquaintance of the suspect, Saki, had witnessed this smiling scene between parent and child.

Last summer, I went out for yakiniku with Saki and Shu-kun. Osamu was thin for his age, but he ate well. Shu-kun liked Anpanman, and at that time we were drawing Anpanman and watching videos on YouTube. Although she sometimes scolded her child, I got the impression that Saki was a “kind mother.

But even then, Shu-kun was still in diapers, and I told her that he was a little slow. People around us were concerned about Shu-kun’s development, and one of our acquaintances suggested that Shu-kun should go for a developmental disability test, but Saki was angry. He was angry. The acquaintance also said, ‘When Saki gets angry, she can’t stop.

Struggling to Raise a Child, and Abuse

On the other hand, neighbors also felt uncomfortable with Saki’s treatment of Shu-chan.

“The mother would scold the child, saying, ‘Hurry up, come here! ‘ and scolded the child. The child would follow behind her, crying. About three years ago, I saw Shu-chan walking with her child on a leash. When Shuchan tried to push the cart at the supermarket, he yelled at her, “Don’t touch me! ‘ when Shu-chan tried to push the cart.

Amidst the anxiety of raising a child, the suspect’s younger brother, Daichi, came to live with them in an apartment in Nishi Ward at the end of last year.

Daichi left his parents’ home once to escape abuse from his mother. He got married, but was unable to live with his partner and returned to his parents’ home.

The police believe that the abuse of Shu-chan began after Daichi’s arrival. In fact, since the beginning of this year, Shu-chan has been absent from daycare, and in April, the preschool confirmed bruises on Shu-chan’s body. In May, the suspect requested temporary custody of Shu-chan, saying that it would be difficult to raise him, but Daichi told him that he didn’t need custody.

Perhaps it was an SOS of his own, but a neighborhood resident saw Shu in the following manner.

“When I passed by the apartment, a boy leaned out from the second-floor balcony and said, ‘Help me, I’m bored! I’m bored!'” He said, ‘I’m not busy. One of the residents said, ‘If you’re not busy, come down and play with us.

The apartment complex where the four siblings, Yumiko, and Osamu lived. The rent was about 60,000 yen, and there were few other residents, giving the place a rather desolate appearance.

There are also many mysteries about the family relationships, especially with Shu-kun’s father.

There is no information on Shu’s father in the family register, and the police have not been able to ascertain his whereabouts. The police have no information on Shu’s father, and the police are unable to ascertain his whereabouts. There are also reports that Daichi assaulted not only the mother, Yumiko, and Shu-chan, but also other family members, and the prefectural police are continuing to carefully investigate.

The Hosaka family was ruled by the violence of the suspect Daichi. What does Saki think now that she could not save her family as a sister and a mother?

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