Ex-Yakuza VTuber Taro talks about the unexpected meals he ordered at a restaurant. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ex-Yakuza VTuber Taro talks about the unexpected meals he ordered at a restaurant.

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Many meals during the yakuza era were said to be eaten quickly.

Many of you have probably seen scenes on TV or in magazines in which yakuza men are eating in a tense, tense atmosphere.

One might think that eating in such an atmosphere would not be enjoyable, but in reality, yakuza meals are much more serious.

A former yakuza himself, “Taro Jongjang,” who is a virtual youtuber (VTuber) under the name “Jongjang Taro,” which refers to a person who has been in prison many times, talks about the yakuza’s dining situation.

Basically, most yakuza eat very quickly. They are not allowed to start eating before their superiors, but they have to finish eating and get ready before their superiors. Therefore, they naturally eat quickly. In addition, many people who have been yakuza for a long time have been in prison for a long time, so the fast-eating lifestyle in prison has become ingrained in them.

When he goes to a restaurant with a yakuza of a higher rank, he often orders curry rice or rice pilaf, which comes out quickly and can be finished quickly, and when he eats with them he eats desperately fast.

However, they did not always eat only curry and pilaf, which could be served quickly and finished quickly, but also a variety of other foods at the yakuza’s office, according to Taro Shitsuro.

The yakuza would regularly have a job called office duty, where they would watch the phones in the office, and they would basically make their own meals. It is impossible for them to drink alcohol in the office except for events, so they become very particular about food. So many people who have been with us for a long time can cook a whole range of dishes, and many of them are particular about something.

There were people who spent a whole day making curry with their particular wine, or who had their underlings go out to buy straw to make straw-roasted bonito (laughs).”

Perhaps there is an underlying reason why many yakuza who can no longer afford to eat start running restaurants.

These yakuza spend their time eating fast, extravagant meals. Many of them became ill after eating such a diet for a long time.

In the past, all yakuza had diabetes and hepatitis C,” he said. However, in those days, being big was one of the status quo of yakuza. So many of them spent their lives in an unhealthy way.

But nowadays, if a yakuza has such a body shape, he is judged by others as a person who cannot manage himself, and people will leave him, so there are few such people. That may be the same with businessmen.”

He takes care of his appearance, including his body shape, and he is a good cook. They may look a little scary, but perhaps there are many good men in the yakuza.

Read “Gokudo Rakuen,” a very realistic Gokudo manga supervised by “Jokudo Taro,” who knows all about the world of Yakuza.

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