Eiji Akachu spotted and photographed strutting around Jimbocho in a lehman suit. “Will he turn into an actor like Momori Matsuzaka? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Eiji Akachu spotted and photographed strutting around Jimbocho in a lehman suit. “Will he turn into an actor like Momori Matsuzaka?

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Akachu (left) plays a company employee who has not had a girlfriend for 10 years, and Tanabe plays his colleague

One evening in early June, we spotted actor Eiji Akachu (29) dressed in a salaryman’s suit in Jimbocho! It appeared to be a location shooting for a drama, as there were staff members and cameramen with what looked like scripts around him. Akachu will play the lead role in the July drama “Kocchi o muite yo mukai kun” (Nippon Television Network), his first starring role in a serial drama series on the GP belt. On this very day, she was on location for this drama, filming a scene in which she runs into a cab with actress Momoko Tanabe (23).

Akachu made his acting debut in ’15.’ In 2008, he starred in “I Can Become a Wizard if I’m a Virgin till I’m 30” (TV Tokyo), which became a huge hit around the world. Riding the “chirimaho” boom, Akachu quickly became well-known, and in the second half of 2010, he appeared in the NHK TV series “Soar! (2010), she was cast as the husband and childhood friend of the heroine, played by Haruka Fukuhara (24).

She got her big break in the morning drama series when she was 28 years old. I was 28 years old when I got my big break in morning dramas, so you could say I was a late bloomer. She had been active in the second and third positions until then, so it was more like she came on slowly rather than ‘like a comet.

Last year, Sunday Mainichi (’22 Feb. 27 issue), which featured Akachu on its cover, sold like rarely seen in recent years. Even now, it is being sold for more than 1,000 yen on the Internet.

On the other hand, there are those who say, “He is a good actor, but his range of roles is limited.

She is good at playing gentle characters with a strong sense of justice, making the most of her sweet mask. As in the drama in which she starred, her image as a “good girl” is well established.

Perhaps it is because her father is the president of Nagoya Gakuin University, which is a wonderful family background, but I don’t get the impression that she plays villainous roles. She has been heavily promoted by her agency, but fans are saying, ‘It’s about time we saw her in a different role.

Sticking out her tongue. Cute.

Another actor who was marketed as a “good boy” character is Taori Matsuzaka (34), but Matsuzaka has successfully turned into an actor.

Matsuzaka’s father is also a university professor. His father is also a university professor, and he is disciplined strictly. In her early career, she played the role of a nice guy, but in the movie “Nihon no ichiban nagai hibi” (Japan’s Longest Day) in 2003, she played the role of a major who plans a coup d’etat to oppose the end of the war. She then expanded her range of roles to include a wet scene in the R18+ rated film “Brothel Year” and a creepy murderer in “Impossible Crime”.

Will Akatsukasa climb the ranks as a “good guy” or will she turn into an actor like Matsuzaka? First of all, we will be watching her performance in this film.

Repeatedly filmed getting into a cab
“Wait a minute!” and then dash to the cab in which Tanabe is riding.
“Oh, she’s from the morning drama!” and several passersby stopped in their tracks.
Filming continued until midnight.
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