The couple bailed out to the press who had gathered at the police station to cover the Ennosuke event! Marriage Rika Adachi’s true face photo | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The couple bailed out to the press who had gathered at the police station to cover the Ennosuke event! Marriage Rika Adachi’s true face photo

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The day after the wedding press conference, the two take a walk in Tokyo

On June 27, the Meguro Police Station of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department was packed with reporters. They were there to cover the transfer of Ennosuke Ichikawa, 47, a Kabuki actor who was arrested on suspicion of assisting suicide. A couple passed in front of him. They were Rika Adachi (30) and Mr. and Mrs. TATSU (age undisclosed) of the vocal and sign language performer unit “HANDSIGN.

Both were dressed in black T-shirts and pants. They were wearing glasses, but rather than wearing disguises, they looked relaxed and enjoying their private time together. They were looking around the area with their phones, perhaps looking for a restaurant, and did not seem to be paying any attention to the interviewers.

They pass by the Meguro Police Station at one point, but are surprised by the number of reporters and look back at the station.

Adachi won the Grand Prix at the 32nd annual HORIPRO Scout Caravan, and she first gained attention as an actress when she played the role of Megumi Arima in the NHK television series “Amachan. She is also well received by her co-stars and staff on variety shows with her innocent character. Even when a camera is suddenly pointed at her, she bows with an exquisite smile, a divine response that is truly characteristic of Adachi.

The couple had just held a wedding press conference on the 26th, the day before the event. Due to the influence of Corona and other factors, it had been a long time since they held a wedding press conference together, and many media attended.

The press was relieved to see the two of them smiling and responding to the photographer’s orders.

An hour after the couple crossed the street in front of the press, they were spotted walking around Nakameguro Station. Perhaps they were very happy to announce their marriage and be able to date without worrying about the eyes of others.

FRIDAY” has been focusing on Adachi since “Amachan. The laughter at the “Amachan launch,” the bubbly smile on her way to a Korean restaurant with her best friend, Akari Hayami (28), the smile through her mask at the launch of the drama…Adachi is not only at her wedding press conference, but also at her wedding party, where she is seen smiling at the audience. We would like to introduce a collection of Adachi’s smiles that are not limited to her wedding press conference.

A big smile at the launch of “Amachan” after a long absence

With an average viewer rating of 20.6%, “Amachan” is said to be the best morning drama ever. Amachan” is said to be the best morning drama in history, and has been the launching pad for many young actresses, including NON (29) and Kasumi Arimura (30). Adachi is one of them. She played the role of the antagonist to NONNON, and at the time she was targeted by the Internet for having a “bad personality,” but her true face is just the opposite. At a party held in mid-August 2001 to celebrate the end of filming, he was all smiles and excited the audience.

With her bubbly smile as a weapon, it seems likely that the couple will be appearing together more often on variety shows in the future.

He didn’t seem to mind the press gathering at the Meguro station.
Adachi at the launch of “Amachan” (September 6, ’13)
Adachi heading to an izakaya with office staff (November 8, ’13 issue)
After the completion preview of the movie “Dere Girls,” in which she starred, Adachi went to the launch with the staff (February 20, 2003 issue).
Went to a Korean restaurant with his best friend, Akari Hayami (October 11, 2007 issue)
The couple at their wedding press conference on June 27.
  • PHOTO Ippei Hara (3rd-5th), Takahiro Kagawa, Kazuhiko Nakamura

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