Conservative politician accuses Hollywood actress Megan Fox of child molestation. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Conservative politician accuses Hollywood actress Megan Fox of child molestation.

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Megan Fox has directly refuted the “child abuse allegations” against her own children.

Popular American actress Megan Fox (37), known for her role in the movie “Transformers,” is causing a stir by furiously accusing politician Robby Starbuck, who accused her of “alleged child abuse” of her three sons on Twitter, of trying to use Megan and her sons for political purposes. The U.S. “TMZ” and other news outlets are reporting the news.

Starbuck posted a photo of Megan with her three sons dressed as girls on her Twitter page,

ÒThis is Megan FoxÕs sons. We used to live in the same gated community and our kids used to play in the park.

I saw two of them crying, saying their mother forced them to wear girl’s clothes while their nanny tried to comfort them. This is pure child abuse. Please pray for them.

and accused Megan of child abuse.

If this were true, it would be a huge problem, but Meghan immediately responded in full on her Instagram. Starbuck.

“A fox who is desperate to get wealth, power, success, and fame.

“A malicious and misguided view of Starbuck,” he said,

“Don’t take advantage of children with malicious and misguided views.

Starbuck warned against “taking advantage of children with malicious and misguided views. Starbuck ran unsuccessfully for the Tennessee House in 2010. He is said to be a conservative and intolerant of LGBTQ. He is also said to have disliked liberal California and fled to greener pastures in more conservative Tennessee.

Megan continues

“Using your child’s gender identity to gain attention in a political campaign puts you on the wrong side of the universe.

He continued. And

I’ve been burned at the stake before by narcissistic, impotent, small men like you.

He ridiculed her.

Actor Brian Austin Green, Meghan’s ex-husband and the father of her children, also made fun of her, saying, “I’ve been burned before by narcissistic, impotent, small men like you,

There are only a few people in this world who can actually confirm whether these stories are true or not. I can assure you that they are completely false.

This person who tries to claim that this is true is a perfect example of a selfish person who doesn’t care about the negative impact on the parent-child relationship.

and defended Megan.

In ’21, Megan spoke about how she supported her oldest son Noah on his journey to expressing himself through clothing and how she tried to protect him from bullies.

‘My oldest son Noah started wearing dresses when he was about two years old and I bought a bunch of books that dealt with these things and tried to learn what this was all about. Some of those books were written by transgender children.

Some of those books were about how even boys can wear dresses and express themselves through their clothes. And it has nothing to do with sexuality.

He revealed.

So, from the time they were very young, we incorporated these things into their daily lives so that no one would feel that they were weird or strange or different,” she said.

He said. And

My children are brave. I believe there is a reason why they chose to live that way.

She also expressed her support for the project.

In the United States, the clash between conservatives and liberals over LGBTQ+ rights continues to be a concern, as evidenced by Tennessee Republican Governor Bill Lee’s signing of a law this past February restricting drag performances in public and in front of minors.

It will be interesting to see if Fox’s assertion will halt the “backwash. At any rate, we are concerned about the impact on children caught up in the controversy.

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