Rie Miyazawa, Nanako Matsushima, Nagasawa… Popular actresses’ “too-good-to-be-true outfits | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Rie Miyazawa, Nanako Matsushima, Nagasawa… Popular actresses’ “too-good-to-be-true outfits

A fashion writer judges! (Season 2)

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Picking up nine people with a great sense of fashion!

This is the second in a series of articles introducing unadorned shots of today’s hottest actresses in their everyday clothes, carefully selected from FRIDAY’s image archives. Our fashion writers, who have been involved in women’s magazines for many years, take an in-depth look at the actresses with noteworthy fashion points.

Rie Miyazawa is a master at using beige!

This loose beige coat is sure to be made of the finest cashmere (photo by Keisuke Nishi).

This spring, Ms. Miyazawa was photographed at a high-end supermarket in Omotesando. The upper body shot alone shows that she is as stylish as ever. I personally believe that Rie Miyazawa is quite a beige lover, and her camel beige coat looks great with her translucent white skin. In addition to the relaxed silhouette of the coat, she also wears a white Bottega Veneta bag casually slung over her head. The black inner lining and mask are also a great way to tie the outfit together.

Catching Kyoko Hasegawa in a healthy and sexy mini-skirt!

I couldn’t help but admire her magnificent outfit, which is only possible thanks to her toned body and beautiful legs (photo by Ippei Hara)

A private shot taken in September of this year, just before the divorce scandal. She was wearing a photo-printed T-shirt and a bright blue miniskirt. The sporty white sneakers on her feet make her look clean and healthy, without being overly revealing. The fact that she is over 40 years old and can wear this mini-skirt with bare legs is a sign that she has great confidence in her body line and the texture of her legs. It’s no wonder she has the support of her peers!

Hana Kuroki wears a unique vintage floral skirt for a casual look.

The mix of girly and boyish is nothing short of amazing! (Photo: Photo by Ippei Hara)

A vintage-like maxi skirt with a black base, colorful large flower print, and white lace at the tiered transition. Ms. Kuroki easily manages to make such a challenging item her own. The combination of the girly and romantic skirt with the boyish white t-shirt, black backpack and voluminous shoes is a perfect mix of today’s fashion. It’s just too cute! I’m in love with her sense of style and courage to wear such a stylish outfit, which is often shunned by men, even though it is very popular with women and connoisseurs.

Tamiyo Kusakari knocked me out with her mature grace and dignity.

She wore a silky bow tie blouse inside her jacket. The elegance of this look is enchanting.

For a change, Ms. Kusakari showed us a much more mature and dignified look. This is a shot taken after the press conference in February 2020, before Covid-19. It’s not a completely off-duty scene, but it’s definitely her own outfit.

She was wearing a well-tailored sax blue blazer jacket, a dark blouse, a tight skirt, and probably long boots. She also wore an orange bag that looked like Hermes, and a pink water bottle in her other hand. This is what I would call a real madam’s outfit. In addition to her style, her good posture is also worth checking out.

Nanako Matsushima and Masami Nagasawa’s “white shirt + black pants” look, which is simple yet stylish and likable

This is a look-alike fashion of Ms. Matsushima and Ms. Nagasawa. It’s a look that is only possible with good looks and beautiful style, but the lack of frills and relaxed feel really fits the current mood. She doesn’t go against the flow of the times, but she doesn’t follow the trends too much. Let’s take a look at this busy, successful actress’ relaxed off-duty scene.

Nanako Matsushima’s white shirt was designed with a bold front-to-back difference in length. Her skinny pants and slip-ons are fitted to her legs, and the slight glimpse of skin peeking out between them is a perfect balance.
Masami Nagasawa, on the other hand, wore a loose shirt and pants that did not constrict her body, making her look stress-free. She seemed to enjoy shopping in Omotesando in this fashion (photo by Yuri Adachi).

Light-colored loose denim worn by Ai Hashimoto, Anne Nakamura, Shizuka Ishibashi…young actresses

Denim is a must-have item for holiday outfits. For celebrities as well as the general public, this trend will never change. In particular, this time we saw young, stylish leaders wearing faded pale blue denim in a very casual way. Please take a look at these easy to wear outfits to get a feel for the current mood.

In the past, Ai Hashimoto has been caught wearing unique fashion. But on this day, she wore a simple cherry patterned blouse and light colored loose denim. She tucked in the hem of the blouse and added a black belt to enhance her style (photo by Ippei Hara).
Ann Nakamura’s trademark long hair has been cut off, making her look much more approachable. She is also wearing a white patterned shirt and pale blue loose denim. The rough tucked-out look suits her short hair.
Shizuka Ishibashi, the daughter of Ryo Ishibashi and Mieko Harada, is a talented actress who is attracting attention as the “new heroine of 2042. She wears a striped shirt with a sash, and also makes good use of accessories such as caps, sneakers, and accessories (photo by Yuri Adachi).

Comparing the wide variety of actresses’ outfits, it’s surprisingly fun to discover new details. Now that Covid-19 has calmed down a bit, I hope that celebrities will take the initiative to go out on the town and show us their beautiful outfits.

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