Will we ever be able to see her “beautiful style” on TV again? Ryoko Yonekura opens up new horizons and changes in her health | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Will we ever be able to see her “beautiful style” on TV again? Ryoko Yonekura opens up new horizons and changes in her health

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A great actress with an outstanding style, she wears even rough fashions as expected! Photo taken in May ’18.

Ryoko Yonekura (47)’s “beautiful style” may no longer be seen in TV dramas.

Recently, a nationwide cosmetic surgery clinic conducted a survey on the style of women they admire. Yonekura came in third place in the “Japanese celebrities with good style” survey. Yonekura, who is 168.5 cm tall and has been practicing classical ballet for 15 years since she was 5 years old, has shown her style to the fullest in the dramas in which she has appeared. However, Yonekura’s style has been on full display in the dramas in which she has appeared,

However, “we may not be able to see this ‘beautiful style’ on TV in the future,” said a person involved in the production of commercial TV dramas.

However, a person involved in the production of commercial TV dramas says, “We may not be able to see this ‘beauty style’ on TV in the future. The reason for this is…

Amazon Prime’s original drama “Angel Flight: International Hearse Repatriator,” which was released simultaneously worldwide on March 17, 2011, has become a hot topic. The drama is based on the work of the same title by nonfiction writer Ryoko Sasa, which was created through interviews with people working as international hearse repatriators and their bereaved families.

Speaking of Yonekura, her role as Michiko Daimon in the drama “Doctor X: Surgeon Michiko Daimon” (TV Asahi), famous for her famous line “I never fail,” was a hit, and the show ran for nine years from the first season in October 2000 to the seventh season in October 2009. The story is not complete. Although the story has not been completed, it was reported the year before last that Yonekura was hesitant about a sequel because the image of Daimon had become too strong.

In the end, she was chosen to star in “Angel” without any prospect of an eighth season. Yonekura’s character, Nami Izawa, is a woman who is even more headstrong and emotional than Daimon. The character is very typical of Yonekura, and has been well received by viewers, who say, “She is more powerful than Daimon and makes me feel refreshed when I watch her. There are growing expectations for a sequel.

If a sequel is to be produced, appearances in TV dramas are likely to become more and more distant.

Another reason is said to be her physical condition. When Yonekura attended the completion announcement event of “Angel Flight” in Tokyo on March 14, director Kentaro Horikirizono confessed that during the four months of filming, Yonekura had difficulty even sitting in a chair. On April 22, Yonekura appeared as a guest on “God Afternoon, Akko no Ikaigen ni 1000 times” (Nippon Broadcasting System) and talked about her back pain,

She said, “I have to use a cane or something. I couldn’t sit in this chair, in a chair of this height,” she explained.

Yonekura explained, “I couldn’t sit on this chair with a cane or anything like that. What was the cause of the pain?

He said, “Originally, I had spinal fluid leakage called low CSF syndrome, and that was about three and a half years ago. That was just in 2019.”

He confessed, “It was just in 2019. He also said that although he does not have a chronic illness, he is still undergoing treatment and has had about six treatments in three and a half years, and that he needs to rest after the treatments.

He said, “Filming of original dramas for Prime Video and other TV dramas can be scheduled with a certain degree of flexibility, such as to accommodate Yonekura’s health condition, but this is not the case for TV dramas. However, this is not the case with TV dramas.

FRIDAY has seen Yonekura’s “beautiful style” in her private life, and it is a pity that we will not be able to see it on TV anymore.

We enjoyed dinner until dawn, shook hands with Matsujun, and disbanded.’ Photo taken in November 2004.
Yonekura and her ex-husband enjoying a date in a bright red “American car. Before they got married, she drove to pick him up. …… Filmed in 2002
Yonekura’s beautiful legs in a scene shot on location for “Doctor X” (November 21, ’14 issue).
Ryoko Yonekura’s style stands out even on the street (’14).
Off shopping. Even in the back shot, she has a great aura! (May 31, ’19 issue)
Off shopping Even in the back shot, her aura is outstanding! (May 31, ’19 issue)
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