Curing tape on the face” and “calmly cleaning up afterwards…” “Strong” discomfort” toward the suspect Ennosuke Ichikawa that keeps coming out one after another. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Curing tape on the face” and “calmly cleaning up afterwards…” “Strong” discomfort” toward the suspect Ennosuke Ichikawa that keeps coming out one after another.

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The suspect, Ennosuke Ichikawa, is said to be responding honestly to police questioning. The facts leaked out are “shocking” and ……

Kabuki actor Ennosuke Ichikawa’s bizarre criminal tactics have been revealed one after another.

On the morning of May 18, the suspect was found unconscious at his home in Meguro Ward, Tokyo.

His father, Danshiro Ichikawa, and mother were lying in the living room on the second floor, wearing pajamas, and were later confirmed dead. The cause of death was suspected to be psychotropic drug poisoning. According to the statement of the suspect, when he found out that an article about his harassment would be published in Women Seven, the three of them held a family meeting.

“I thought I would die and be reborn.

and decided to have a family suicide.

On the 27th of last month, Sarunosuke was arrested on suspicion of assisting his mother’s suicide. Although he is mentally depressed, he is said to have responded honestly to the questioning.

The suspect is reportedly saying, “I was the only one who couldn’t die,” but we don’t know if he really intended to die. There are also reports that his parents used about 10 pills of the sleeping drug Cyrace, whereas the suspect, Ennosuke, used less than that.

It is also reported that he tried to hang himself in his living room, but when the suspect was found, his buttocks were firmly on the chair or the floor.

There are many other puzzling aspects as well.

When the police visited the home after receiving a report, they found that the mother had already begun rigor mortis. The father was confirmed dead at the hospital where he was taken. In other words, the mother was the first to die.

The cause of death was drug poisoning.

“I put a plastic bag over my parents’ faces.

“I put a plastic bag over my parents’ faces. He said that he attached the plastic bag to the parents’ faces with masking tape to prevent air leakage.

The autopsy confirmed the cause of death as “psychotropic drug poisoning,” but the authorities initially suspected death by asphyxiation. Sylace has the side effect of respiratory depression.

It is possible that covering him with a plastic bag may have hastened his death. Still, what is curing tape? …… Rather than helping him commit suicide, I sense a clear intent to kill him” (sports newspaper reporter).

Furthermore, while proposing a family suicide, the suspect took the pills only after confirming that the mother had died (the father was unconscious at that point). The suspect told the investigator.

“I was supposed to clean up the mess.

He explained that he was “supposed to clean up after himself,” during which time he went out of his way to throw away the box and plastic bag containing the sialace in an outside dumpster, instead of in the trash can at home. According to a police official.

The security camera showed the suspect going back and forth between his house and the dumpster. He was handling the situation so calmly that it was hard to believe that he was a man who was pessimistic about his life and wanted to kill his family.

I felt uncomfortable.

I don’t know if it is true that his parents told him that they had asked him to clean up the mess. I am not sure if a person who cares about cleanup would die in his pajamas without leaving a will. ……

The father, Shiro Danshiro, was certified as needing nursing care and had advanced dementia. He also had stage 4 liver cancer.

His mother, on the other hand, was a firm person and sometimes had harsh words for him. Looking at the suspect’s behavior on the day of the incident, I get the impression that he was more fixated on his mother’s life and death than on his father’s.” (Sports newspaper reporter)

The Women’s Seven article also mentions the suspect’s sexual minority status, a story that has been known in the Kabuki world for some time.

His parents knew about it, of course. However, his mother did not take it well.

In the June 29 issue of Josei Seven

The suspect, Ennosuke Ichikawa, laid hands on his parents because he “did not want to be scolded for sexual harassment.

The report stated, “A reporter from Women’s Seven reported that

It is said that there is a difference between the content of the sexual harassment that the Women’s Seven reporter confronted the Ennosuke suspect with and the actual content of the article. We don’t know how much the parents knew about the article.

There are still many mysteries in this case. In the end, it seems that “dead men tell no tales,” but we wonder how close we can get to the truth.

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