Catch her in her casual yet full of aura in her casual clothes! Mitsuki Takahata Spent “Holiday of Popular Actresses” with Cats | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Catch her in her casual yet full of aura in her casual clothes! Mitsuki Takahata Spent “Holiday of Popular Actresses” with Cats

The true faces of popular people" in the world of show business

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April drama series with a kissing scene was a big hit. Also appearing in a historical drama next year!
We caught a glimpse of her relaxing between her busy days!

She was dressed in a white T-shirt and black pants, looking a little plain and casual on this day. Even so, she could not hide her “aura of an actress.

In the evening of early June, Mitsuki Takahata (31) appeared at a certain place in Tokyo after the morning rain had stopped. She was carrying a bag on her right shoulder with a cute cat peeking out from it.

The filming of the drama “unknown” (TV Asahi) had just finished a little while ago. In the drama, the kiss scene between Takahata, who played the main character, and her boyfriend, Kei Tanaka (38), attracted much attention, showing a new frontier for the actress, who has not made much of an impression in love scenes in the past.

Columnist Takahiko Kageyama said, “Next year, the NHK Taiga Drama series will be a big hit.

Next year, she will be co-starring with Yuriko Yoshitaka (34), who stars in NHK’s historical drama “Hikaru Kimi e” (To the Luminescent Kimi). Yoshitaka’s performance, which is relaxed in a good way, should stimulate him. I think this will be a perfect turning point for Ms. Takahata, who always gives it her all.

For her busy schedule, this was probably her first day off in a while.

She was on her way to return a cat that had been entrusted to her by a friend. In fact, she is an animal lover who had a cat and a dog at home. Spending the day off with the cat must have been a valuable change of pace for her,” said an acquaintance of Takahata.

She must have had a blissful time off, as she once worked as a voice actress playing the role of a cat.

The cat didn’t show too much of her face. (A friend of Takahata’s told us that she must have been in a blissful state of mind as she once played the role of a cat in a voice-over.
Mitsuki Takahata, who has never been featured in this magazine, spent her “popular actress’s day off” with her cat.
Mitsuki Takahata spent her “popular actress’s holiday” with her cat.

From the July 7, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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