Of course you check your husband’s Instagram! The key to “marital bliss” as seen in Keiko Kitagawa… | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Of course you check your husband’s Instagram! The key to “marital bliss” as seen in Keiko Kitagawa…

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Keiko Kitagawa responded to Riho Yoshioka’s (foreground) question with a serious expression

Hey, isn’t that Keiko Kitagawa? Wow, she’s so beautiful.”

Seriously? I’m not sure if it’s her or not. Is that Riho Yoshioka next to her? I just saw something amazing.

The two actresses, Keiko Kitagawa (36) and Riho Yoshioka (30), were in the gazes of the high school boys passing by as they excitedly exchanged words. They were filming the drama “Rakuhi” (WOWOW) on location on an overpass in Tokyo just before noon on a day with a brisk early summer breeze. The two were standing on the sidewalk with a staff member holding a parasol over them.

The drama is based on the novel by Kanae Minato, whose numerous works have been dramatized into successful TV dramas, and is a full-fledged mystery film that has attracted a lot of attention, including that it is directed by Eiji Uchida, director of “Midnight Swan.

An up-and-coming film director, played by Kitagawa in the lead role, investigates the murder of a family 15 years ago in order to create a work with a rookie screenwriter played by Yoshioka. The story is that he discovers the surprising truth. Kitagawa and Yoshioka’s first collaboration is also attracting attention” (TV magazine writer).

On this day, the film was shot on location near Nogizaka Station. The scene where they walk on the overpass.

Kitagawa looked a little tired, while Yoshioka was smiling in contrast. When the staff temporarily closes the sidewalk to traffic and the camera rolls, the two start walking shoulder to shoulder. Yoshioka is discussing something with Kitagawa, and Kitagawa listens with a mysterious look on his face. Eventually, Kitagawa stops and stares at Yoshioka’s face and starts talking. That was the scene.

When the cut was made, the two moved to the monitor, checked the scene together, and then returned to the starting position to stand by again. The shooting seemed to be going well.

The sun was strong, so they always used parasols while moving around.

Kitagawa delighted fans when it was announced that she will appear as Sailor Cosmos in the second part of the theatrical anime “Sailor Moon Cosmos,” which will be released on June 30. Speaking of “Sailor Moon,” Kitagawa’s role as Sailor Mars in the live-action TV drama broadcast 20 years ago was also her debut.

In an interview, Kitagawa said, “I really couldn’t do anything (acting). The staff was very strict and told me, ‘Go home,’ or ‘If you can’t do it, you don’t have to be here anymore,'” she said in an interview. I was 17 years old and had just started my career in show business, so of course this was my first experience in acting.

He must have been very confused. The friends who co-starred in the film at the time were more like childhood friends than co-stars, and they still get together regularly under the name “Warriors’ Club.

Kitagawa looked a little tired. In contrast, Yoshioka was all smiles.

Twenty years have passed since then. Kitagawa has starred in numerous movies and dramas, and has become a top actress. Most recently, she appeared in “Jigami no Kyoshitsu – Regal Seishun Hakusho” (Fuji TV) and the NHK historical drama “Dousuru Ieyasu. In her personal life, she married TV personality DAIGO (45) in 2004 and is the mother of a two-year-old girl. She is also a mother of a two-year-old girl.

DAIGO revealed on a variety show that it is Kitagawa’s role to be angry with her 2-year-old daughter. One time, his daughter slapped Kitagawa, who usually wears glasses, in the face.

She said, “Hey! DAIGO looked at Kitagawa, thinking, “That’s right, of course she’s angry. DAIGO said, “I thought, ‘Oh…that’s the way to do it,’ but…,” and the studio was thrilled. (A production company insider)

As for their private life, DAIGO’s private life is more often communicated by …… than Kitagawa’s. “Some celebrities are rare.

There are many celebrities like Nozomi Tsuji, Airi Taira, and Chiharu Niiyama who dare to talk about their children and private life to gain access, but Keiko Kitagawa herself rarely talks about her private life or her children. However, DAIGO sends out information, which is very much appreciated by the media. It has become a tradition for DAIGO to write about his daughter’s episodes for each seasonal event on his Instagram.

If he were married to a normal person, it would not be talked about so much (laughs), but when DAIGO talks about his home and family, it is equally about his wife Keiko Kitagawa. So, inevitably, every time he updates his Instagram, I have to check the content.

However, I don’t think DAIGO writes about it on his own, and of course he sends it out after giving full consideration to Kitagawa’s image. So in terms of their relationship, DAIGO seems to be the one who is being dragged along on Kitagawa’s backside, but the family seems to be very happy, probably due in part to his personality,” says an entertainment professional.

Perhaps it is because they have a warm home at home that they can concentrate on their work.

The two are filming a tense scene. After each shot, they checked the monitor several times.
  • Photographed by Yusuke Kondo

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