Luffy, the leader of the “black market robbery,” “rules in terror over the perpetrators” in this horrifying photo. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Luffy, the leader of the “black market robbery,” “rules in terror over the perpetrators” in this horrifying photo.

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Suspect Imamura was arrested on June 29.

The suspect, a transferred instructor, was sitting in the back seat, showing no sign of ill will.

On June 29, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Investigation Division 1 arrested Mato Imamura, 39, a suspect deported from the Philippines, on suspicion of robbery. Imamura is believed to have been the person in charge of directing a string of “black market job robberies” across the country, calling himself “Rufy.

Imamura is believed to be involved in an incident that occurred in Sakyo-ku, Kyoto in May ’22, in which 41 luxury wristwatches (worth approximately 69.2 million yen) were robbed. The suspect Imamura instructed 13 people, including the perpetrators and a rental car procurer, using a highly confidential communication application “Telegram” and other means. It was discovered that a portion of the converted money was given to the Imamura suspects.

The cash converters sold 19 of the 41 luxury watches they took for approximately 13.5 million yen to a Tokyo-based store. Imamura had the suspect transfer the money to an account in his own name on three separate occasions starting in May 2010. It is also known that the entire amount was withdrawn near the immigration facility in the Philippines where Imamura was imprisoned at the time.

Finish this in three minutes.

Imamura is believed to have been giving instructions to the perpetrators as “Ralphie.

Imamura seems to have given detailed instructions to the perpetrators. The Yomiuri Shimbun (June 30) reported that a detainee at an immigration facility in the Philippines was told by telephone, “Finish it within three minutes.

Finish it within three minutes. Get out of here as soon as you take it.

The item you want is in the showcase in the middle of the store. Make sure the watch doesn’t get damaged.

A reporter from the social affairs section continued, “From these instructions, the suspect Imamura was told to leave.

From these instructions, it is clear that Imamura and the others in charge of the crime scene had studied the crime scene in detail in advance. They even knew the location of the showcase and where the luxury watches were placed. The time of the crime, ‘within three minutes,’ was probably not a random order, but rather a number derived by calculating backward from the fact that the police would rush to the scene upon receiving a call.

Most of the perpetrators applied for “black market jobs” on social networking sites and got involved in the crime. They were attracted by the high rewards, such as “10 million yen reward for robbery” and “1 million yen per day,” and came forward with their names. In reality, however, it was not such a convenient part-time job. They were ruled by fear and anxiety.

Applicants were asked to send a picture of their face and an ID, such as a driver’s license. Once they sent the images, they received a message that said, ‘If you run away, you’ll be in big trouble. Since the applicant had even told them about his family structure, he could not simply leave, fearing that even his relatives would be harmed.

In fact, some of the perpetrators have stated that “a stranger visited me at home out of the blue” and “I thought I was being watched. Some of them did not receive any reward at all.

Even if you regret that you have joined a terrible organization, it will all be over soon. It seems that the perpetrators were so afraid of “Ralphie” that they could not go back.

He denies the charge, saying, “I have no recollection of this at all.”
Imamura, who has already been charged with theft
Imamura, the suspect who was arrested
  • PHOTO Shinji Hasuo

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