Putin wants to “exit”…! Verifying the theory that the mass uprising “Prigozhin Rebellion” was staged by himself. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Putin wants to “exit”…! Verifying the theory that the mass uprising “Prigozhin Rebellion” was staged by himself.

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Mr. Prigogine, founder of Wagener

What was the goal?

On June 24, Mr. Prigogine, founder of the private military company Wagner, who was supposed to be on the front line in Ukraine, suddenly reversed course with his soldiers. He occupied a military base in Rostovnadnou in southern Russia and temporarily advanced his troops as far as 200 km from the capital, Moscow, before fleeing to Belarus.

On the 28th, the Moscow Times, a leading Russian newspaper, arrested General Slobikin, deputy commander of the Russian army, for his involvement in the rebellion. The situation is in a state of confusion.

Deputy Commander Slobikin is being detained for his involvement in the insurgency.

The “Prigozhin Rebellion” has created a great deal of mystery, but international journalist Toshihiro Yamada says that the possibility cannot be dismissed that this whole process was staged by President Vladimir Putin himself.

It appears that a country as big as Russia could have stopped the ‘Prigozhin Rebellion’ as quickly as it did, but didn’t,” he said. It is also believed that President Putin’s intention was to have Prigozhin bite the Defense Ministry even before the uprising.

When the military gains power, the risk of a coup d’état increases. We want to reduce the power of the military before that happens. Wagner is marching comfortably to a point 200 kilometers from Moscow. The question becomes, what was the military doing that allowed this to happen? Naturally, this will tarnish our image at home and abroad, and weaken our voice.”

Since May, Mr. Prigogine has been a harsh critic of the top ranks of the Russian military, including Defense Minister Shoigu and Commander-in-Chief Gerasimov. It is possible that Mr. Putin’s decision to let Mr. Prigozhin swim under these circumstances may have been motivated by his desire to confuse the military.

However, if he is betrayed by his allies and his military is not functioning, Putin’s own influence will probably diminish. Not only would this be a tailwind for Ukraine, which would be strengthening its counteroffensive, but it would also put his own power base in jeopardy. What is conceivable, then, is that Putin himself may not be attached to his current position. Mr. Yamada continues.

It is possible that he was not bitten by his own dog, but by the dog that bit him.

I think Putin wants to make his exit from the stage,” Yamada said. In 2024, Russia will hold presidential elections. I think he would like to step aside and name a successor. If the war with Ukraine ends in failure, Prigogine can be blamed for the ‘Prigogine Rebellion’ along the way.

It is not just the situation on the Ukrainian front that worries President Putin. The diplomatic and economic situation surrounding Russia has also changed dramatically.

Mr. Prigogine has long been a vocal critic of the military.

Finland has joined NATO, and talks have begun for Sweden to join NATO, and it’s a diplomatic disaster that NATO has extended to Northern Europe. In addition, economic policies became more difficult, and goods were not coming in from the West. Inflation is also rising, and talented domestic human resources are also being lost abroad.

With Russia’s national power declining, it is not surprising that President Putin has a plan in place to step down smoothly. We cannot rule out the possibility that the current insurgency is part of that plan, and that it is self-induced.”

As the war drags on, drawing the curtain on the situation is becoming more difficult. Is it possible that the president will throw everything away and leave the country?


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