Sitting on the ground, pointing to the sky, riding a motorcycle with her boyfriend… Ryoko Hirosue’s “tumultuous half life” and her beautiful true life after the revelation of her affair | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Sitting on the ground, pointing to the sky, riding a motorcycle with her boyfriend… Ryoko Hirosue’s “tumultuous half life” and her beautiful true life after the revelation of her affair

Ryoko Hirosue has continued to shine as an actress, a mother, a wife, and a woman, but she is about to lose it all because of her "double adultery" - she was free and uninhibited, which is why she was so dignified.

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Candle Jun lived only at night in Tokyo.
But after we got married, I tried to change many things, such as staying away from the nightlife and refusing to work at night because it would be a nuisance to our children.”

On June 18, Candle Jun (49), Hirosue’s husband, held a press conference regarding the affair and spoke about the changes he has made since their marriage. On the other hand, his wife, Hirosue, has been free and uninhibited in every way for the 27 years since her debut.

Upon arriving in Minamiboso City, Chiba Prefecture, two and a half hours by cab, Hirosue suddenly sat down on the ground and began taping her ankles. He pulled up his trousers and got this look on his face.

In 1995, at the age of 14, Hirosue made her debut in the entertainment world as a purist idol, and since then she has led a very busy life. The first time this magazine caught a glimpse of Hirosue was at her junior high school graduation ceremony. Even though she was only able to attend for two days during the third trimester of her junior high school year, she had a few tears in her eyes.

After the graduation ceremony, she said goodbye to her friends and took the last flight to Tokyo that day. She began her entertainment career in Tokyo in earnest.

Later, she became a high school girl, and around the time she turned 18, despite her purist image, her greed for love began to emerge.

This magazine has witnessed her passionate love affairs many times, but the first time we saw her on a date was in September 1998. The first time we saw her on a date was in September 1998, when she was in her prime as an idol. She was 18 years old at the time, and her boyfriend was Mitsuru Murata (45), a 21-year-old actor known as MITSUU. This was the first scoop about Hirosue’s passionate love affair, and it was a big shock to “Hirosue fans. The date took place in broad daylight, and the couple had the audacity to go up to each other and hold hands. However, less than a year later, this magazine witnessed her on a date with her new boyfriend. As one would expect, this magazine was surprised at the speed with which he switched.

The new lover was then 22-year-old actor Yusuke Iseya (47). The magazine captured the three of them on a “parent-approved date” as they paraded through Yokohama’s Isezaki-cho with Hirosue, Iseya, and Hirosue’s mother. Later, Hirosue straddled the back of Iseya’s motorcycle and hugged his neck as they enjoyed their private motorcycle date. A person from an entertainment agency who knew Hirosue at that time looks back on the time of their love affair.

A source at an entertainment agency who knew Hirosue at that time recalls, “At that time, Hirosue was an overwhelming presence, and her popularity did not wane even after the reports of their love affair broke out. Many people in the public were willing to warmly watch her. However, her “romantic nature,” such as going to Iseya’s university during their relationship, was beginning to be viewed as a problem by those involved as it was risky for her to work.

Although she was rumored to be involved in a number of romantic relationships, she continued to be active as a super idol, appearing in movies such as “Himitsu” and “Poppoya,” regardless of the reports of her love affairs. Although she seemed to be leading a smooth life in show business, in July 2001, this magazine witnessed a “bizarre behavior” by Hirosue during a break in filming for a drama series.

On that day, after returning home early in the morning from the club, Hirosue got into a cab and drove two and a half hours to Shirahama, Chiba, 150 km away, but she did not have her wallet with her. She also got so excited with her fans that she sang loudly, sat on the ground, and even got a ride home to Tokyo in a male fan’s car, an uncharacteristic behavior for an idol.

About a year after the repeated disturbances, this magazine saw Hirosue on a date with model Takahiro Okazawa (47) in April 2002. There, we saw Hirosue and Okazawa happily rubbing shoulders and smiles in full bloom. She had achieved her dream of entering the entertainment industry and became a dominant figure at a young age, and love probably helped her to stabilize her spirit.

In 2003, she jumped into the “Yosakoi Festival” held in Kochi City, Hirosue’s hometown. By this time, her expression had become completely calm. She also announced her marriage and pregnancy with Okazawa in December of that year, and it seems as if her expression shows that her love is going well.

However, Hirosue divorced Okazawa, the father of her first son, in ’08. Two years later in ’10, after seven months of dating, she decided to remarry to Candle Jun (then 36).

When this magazine spotted her in February 2006, she was talking mainly about her children with a friend who seemed to be her mother’s friend at a popular Shanghai restaurant. Perhaps she was relieving the stress of child-rearing by talking with a friend with whom she did not feel comfortable.

Also, as Mr. Candle said at the press conference after their marriage, Hirosue was devoted to taking care of the children.’ In June 2003, she was riding briskly across a residential area in Tokyo astride a mama-chariot. Despite being pregnant with her third child, she carried her 4-year-old second son on the rear of the bike to and from school, showing her devotion.

For a time, she even saved her work to raise her child. However, she resumed her activities in April 2010, and last year, just as she was working on three movies and two commercial dramas, she suspended her activities for an indefinite period of time. After all, a free love affair with no destination in sight was necessary for Hirosue’s life. What will happen to her in the future? A source at an entertainment agency, who is not related to the above-mentioned person, said, “She has no clear intention of getting divorced.

“Hirosue has a clear intention to divorce. There is no possibility that she will remarry Toba. Even if Hirosue refrains from her activities, Mr. Toba’s income as a business manager will be enough to live on. One point of concern is the payment of penalties and compensation that Hirosue may have to pay.

However, he continues, there are many who are sympathetic to Hirosue because her graphic diary has been exposed to the public, and the office will not fire her.

“Since she is well known and her acting skills are well known, there are many opportunities for her to return to work, such as in dramas and movies distributed over the Internet. The agency has a long history with the uninhibited Hirosue, so they are probably already planning a scenario for her return.

Mr. Candle and Hirosue nurtured their love with passionate love letters. The end of their relationship is likely to be the same as the ardent love letters written by Hirosue to Toba. The style of writing remained the same as in the past, that of the love-struck Hirosue. What will become of the eternal idol?

An Idol Age of Unashamedly Living in Love

October 16, 1998 issue, age 18

Neither MITSUU nor HIROSUE owned a car, so their dates were always on foot. On this day, they met on the platform of Shibuya Station on the Yamanote Line without any particular disguise.

Yusuke Iseya
March 19, 1999, age 18

This date photo was taken when Hirosue was about to start college. At the time, Iseya was enrolled at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music and working as a model for “Men’s Non-No” while aspiring to become a movie director.

May 24, 2002 issue, age 21
Takahiro Okazawa

After a friendly one-night stay at a hotel, I found them on a date in a park near Tokyo Tower. Without any disguise, they sat on a bench and chatted in the shade of a tree for about 20 minutes!

Always going all out for locals, friends, and kids

April 5, ’96 issue, age 15

Hirosue became popular through a commercial for NTT Docomo. Two days before her graduation ceremony, she returned to her hometown of Kochi and went to karaoke with local friends.

September 5, 2003 issue (age 23)

She jumped into the local “Yosakoi Festival,” and said, “Yotchore, yotchore! Yotchore! and shouted “Yotchore! Hirosue looks pleased to have won a medal awarded to the best dancer.

July 10, 2003 issue (age 34)

Despite her heavy weight, she was rubbing her stomach while picking up and dropping off her second son.

March 30, 2006 issue, age 37

I was having a small drink with my mother’s friends at a Shanghai restaurant in Setagaya Ward, which has no private rooms. I was the center of conversation, smiling and gulping down Shaoxing wine. It was past 10 p.m. when we headed home.

W. affair, to the edge of the cliff…

June 3, 2010 issue, age 41

Last year, Hirosue acted in three movies and two commercial TV dramas. Around this time, she received the “Best Mother Award” and said at the award ceremony, “It is definitely thanks to my children that I am where I am today.
On June 18, her husband Candle held a press conference alone to explain the affair. He revealed that he had been divorced by Hirosue even before the news broke, and shed a tear or two.

From the July7, 2023issue ofFRIDAY

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