Ex-lover Got Married and “Had to Die” Is the Reason! Story of Joker Who Committed Arson on the Keio Line “Fire Raging Inside the Car Right after the Crime” – Graphic Images of the Scene. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ex-lover Got Married and “Had to Die” Is the Reason! Story of Joker Who Committed Arson on the Keio Line “Fire Raging Inside the Car Right after the Crime” – Graphic Images of the Scene.

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Defendant Hattori arrested.

I have no value in my existence. I have no choice but to die. I want to be executed for mass murder.

The defendant explained his feelings immediately before the crime.

On June 26, the Tachikawa Branch of the Tokyo District Court heard the first trial of Kyota Hattori, 26, an unemployed man accused of stabbing a passenger with a knife and setting the train on fire inside a Keio Line train in Chofu City, Tokyo. Hattori is charged with attempted murder and arson of an inhabited building. He admitted to the attempted murder charge, saying, “I admit that I hurt one passenger with a knife.

After graduating from high school, Hattori worked at a nursing home, but it seems he didn’t last long. He moved from job to job as a part-timer, and in April ’18, he started working at a call center for a telephone company as a contract employee. In March 2008, he started living together with a woman he had been dating since junior high school, but they broke up in November of the same year.

From there, Hattori’s life was filled with a series of difficult events. In May 2009, he caused trouble at a call center and was put on house arrest. It seems that the feelings of ‘I want to die,’ which he began to harbor at that time, became the trigger for his crime.

In an article distributed on November 1, 2009, FRIDAY Digital reported vividly on the horrific incident committed by Hattori, including images taken immediately after the crime. We would like to recount the dark side of the Hattori suspect’s mind and the scene of the crime.

Cigarette on a train in a joker

Run for it!

Oh, no! Oh no!

The images captured in the video obtained by FRIDAY Digital show how panicked the passengers were. A young man running frantically while screaming, a woman running away while falling and crawling ……. The interior of the car was filled with screams and cries.


An explosion sounded as if something had exploded, and orange flames came from behind the coupling of the cars. A thick black smoke spread at once. Umbrellas, bags, and other belongings were scattered on the floor, and the next car was packed with people who had fled.

In an instant, the train on Sunday became a scene of screaming. At around 8 pm on October 31, 2009, a man sprayed an oily liquid and set himself on fire inside a 10-car express train bound for Shinjuku from Hachioji on the Keio Line. He brandished a knife and 17 men and women were injured.

Hattori was arrested. Hattori looked like the Joker, the antagonist of the movie “Batman,” and was sitting on a seat smoking a cigarette. Some passengers were suspicious, but no one paid any attention to him because it was Halloween that day.

The defendant Hattori committed the crime just past Chofu Station. He suddenly stabbed a 72-year-old male office worker, who was sitting in the eighth car from the front, in the right chest with a knife of about 30 cm in blade. The knife reached the lungs, and the man was temporarily unconscious, but he survived.

After stabbing the man, Hattori moved to the sixth car and set it on fire with lighter oil. The floor and seats were burned, and a fire broke out in the car. 16 men and women in their teens to 60s were taken to the hospital complaining of eye pain after being doused with the liquid.

The train was filled with smoke and smelled like gasoline. The train made an emergency stop at Kokuryo Station, where it was not supposed to stop. Since the doors did not open immediately, passengers had to escape through the windows. About 40 fire engines and pump trucks were dispatched to Kokuryo Station. The fire was extinguished in about 30 minutes.

Hattori, who was in the ninth car, was caught red-handed by police officers who arrived on the scene. He was taken into custody without resisting while seated in his seat. Upon investigation, he made the following statements. I had a crush on the Joker. I wanted to be executed for killing several people from around June ’21 because I had failed at work and my friendships were not going well. I wanted to be executed for killing multiple people since around June (’21).”

No matter how much frustration or depression builds up, it is no justification for the incident. The defendant Hattori, who turned the interior of the car into a hell by his selfish behavior, will have to bear a heavy burden of guilt in the future.

People running around in the car after it burst into flames (Image: courtesy of “@siz33”)
Defendant Hattori being taken into custody by investigators (Image: courtesy of “@siz33”)
Passengers escape from the car through the window at the station (Image: Courtesy of “@siz33”)
Passengers escape from the car through the window at the station (Image: Courtesy of “@siz33”)
Smoke filled the car as the flames rose (Image: courtesy of “@siz33”)
Passengers’ luggage and masks scattered inside the car (Image: Courtesy of “@siz33”)
Defendant Hattori stated, “I wanted to be executed for killing people.” (Image: courtesy of “@siz33”)
Many firefighters rushed to the scene of the incident
  • Image Courtesy of @siz33 Photographed by Shinji Hasuo

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