The arrest of Ichikawa Ennosuke may result in the complete disappearance of the 150-year-old “feudal domain. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The arrest of Ichikawa Ennosuke may result in the complete disappearance of the 150-year-old “feudal domain.

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Ennosuke Ichikawa was arrested on suspicion of assisting his mother to commit suicide. The Kabuki world has been rocked by an earthquake. ……

The great name of the Omodakaya “Ennosuke” will disappear?

On June 27, kabuki actor Ennosuke Ichikawa IV (47; real name: Takahiko Kinoeshi) was arrested on suspicion of assisting his mother’s suicide.

It is probably unprecedented for an actor of such popularity to be arrested for assisting a suicide. Many Kabuki fans are saying, “I can’t believe that Mr. Ennosuke did this…” However, this is only the beginning of the story.

But this is only the beginning.

The incident occurred in mid-May, and for more than a month the police were very careful in their investigation. If you are going to arrest and prosecute a star like this, you definitely have to convict him, otherwise you don’t know how much criticism you will receive from the public.

Two strong sleep-inducing ingredients were detected in the mother. The suspect, Sarunosuke, also stated that he had taken two kinds. He also stated that he crushed the pills and mixed them with water and his parents drank them. However, the lethal dose is made safe enough to be thousands of pills. Based on that, there are still many puzzling points as to how he died.” (National newspaper reporter)

Even if they were prescribed, the limit would be about 30 pills a month. It is hard to imagine that he would stock several thousand sleeping pills. It is also questionable whether he had enough lethal sleeping pills for two people, or even three if he had intended to kill himself as well.

Even more puzzling is the suspect’s behavior.

After the parents had taken the pills, the suspect put a plastic bag over their faces so that they could die comfortably, but he politely disposed of the pill bag and the plastic bag in the garbage.

The suspect said, “Normally before I die, would I make such a move as to destroy evidence? If he was going to die, he wouldn’t care what kind of evidence was left behind. The police probably arrested him because they needed to take him into custody in order to prevent suicide and also because they were concerned about the possibility of further destruction of evidence.

The mother will be charged with assisting suicide, but the father, Danshiro Ichikawa, will be charged with assisting suicide at the very least, and depending on the statements and evidence, they may also be looking at charges of “consensual homicide” or even “ordinary homicide. The point is that he was in need of nursing care.

The key point is whether Mr. Danshiro, who needed nursing care, made a sound judgment and accepted death.

If it is determined that he was given medicine or covered with a plastic bag without his consent, he could be charged with murder. As for the cause of death, the police have not officially announced the cause of death at a press conference, but have only suspected psychotropic drug poisoning as a result of the autopsy. There is a possibility that the cause of death will be overturned during the investigation and prosecution stages.

If thousands of sleeping pills were not the cause of death, but asphyxiation by plastic bags was. ……

The great name “Ennosuke” has been passed down uninterrupted for more than 150 years. The fact that it was interrupted by a single crime may have become a reality.

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