Ryoko Hirosue directly called the reporter Bunshun… “What she wanted to do” in her “rebellion” against the office. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ryoko Hirosue directly called the reporter Bunshun… “What she wanted to do” in her “rebellion” against the office.

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Ryoko Hirosue has been criticizing her office since the affair. ……

The ripples of “Ryoko Hirosue’s Rebellion” are spreading.

After the Weekly Bunshun reported her affair with Shusaku Toba, a chef and owner of a Michelin star restaurant, her agency “Fram” imposed an indefinite suspension from work. In a handwritten apology, she wrote

I, Ryoko Hirosue, deeply and sincerely apologize for the trouble and worry I have caused to so many people due to my indiscreet behavior.

and also addressed Mr. Toba’s family.

I am most sorry that I have caused sadness and pain to Mr. Toba’s family.

He also commented, “I am most sorry for the sadness and pain I have caused to the Toba family. It seemed as if he was sorry for the affair and would take the punishment leniently. ……

In the June 22 issue of Bunshun, it was reported that Hirosue made a “direct phone call” to a reporter and revealed her feelings.

The reporter who responded to the call did not expect to hear from Hirosue. The reporter who responded to the call was surprised, not expecting to receive a call from Ms. Hirosue herself.

The phone number of the Bunshun reporter was obtained from Mr. Toba, the adulterous partner, indicating that the two are still very close at this point.

The content of Hirosue’s direct phone call is also not quite to the point. About Mr. Yoshihisa Inoue, the president of Fram

I have no intention of working with anyone other than him (Mr. Inoue), and if I don’t work with Inoue, then I think it is time for me to leave this world and this industry.

While stating that

I don’t trust him (Mr. Inoue) right now.

He answered, “I don’t trust him (now). As for his affair with Mr. Toba, he said

I am sure that I was in the wrong order this time, and what I caused caused trouble for many people,” she said.

It is clear that she thinks that if she had divorced her husband, Candle Jun, “this would not have happened.

She also mentions the names of Erika Toda, Erika Karada, and Kasumi Arimura, who are junior actresses at Fram.

I was very worried when I wondered if I could protect the style of our company, which has always been the style of our company.

I felt very uneasy when I wondered if I could protect the style of our company, as I had always done.

After all, what did Hirosue want to say after criticizing even his own agency ……?

The reporter in charge of entertainment for the sports paper said,

The reporter in charge of entertainment for a sports newspaper said, “It seems that the system should allow actors and TV personalities to publicly express their ‘true feelings’. Fram is basically “salty” to the media. When asked by reporters to confirm facts, they give only the minimum necessary answers.

This is because they know that if they say anything unnecessary, it will cause an uproar. This time, too, they only apologized to all parties concerned and announced the disposition of Ms. Hirosue, but did not mention the affair.

He pointed out.

This did not sit well with Hirosue. After the first Bunshun report, Hirosue held a remote meeting with the office president and Toba.

The office thought they would settle their relationship on the spot, but in fact that did not happen. Mr. Hirosue earnestly explained that he and Mr. Toba had a kizuna between a man and a woman that went beyond colorful love.

Mr. Toba was the same way, and they had no choice but to ‘break up. Ms. Hirosue wanted to make such circumstances public, but the office did not approve, and the final statement was led by the office. It seems that Ms. Hirosue is not satisfied with such a conventional response from the office.

Indeed, in this age of social networking, the “state” of entertainment production companies is being questioned. Even if you belong to a major professional agency, there are an increasing number of cases in which people feel trapped and cannot live their lives in their own way because they are controlled by the agency, and they go independent.

However, Ms. Hirosue’s decision to skip the office and call a Bunshun reporter is not right. But that does not mean that Ms. Hirosue should skip the office and call the Bunshun reporter. By expressing her distrust of the office, she may have caused a crack in her relationship with Frahm, who has been with the company for many years.

A new era of scandal handling advocated by Hirosue. Few people are heard to respond to this. It seems that the “Hirosue Rebellion” only complicated the situation.

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