Off the field, she takes in 4,500 kcal a day…! Sakiki Baba, who has gained 8kg, will soon win the Pro Tour! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Off the field, she takes in 4,500 kcal a day…! Sakiki Baba, who has gained 8kg, will soon win the Pro Tour!

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Shoulder width and lower body strengthened. Not only improved distance, but also improved accuracy on approaches and putts is expected

Glimpses of an “awakening” were seen. Supernova Sakiki Baba (18), winner of last year’s U.S. Women’s Amateur Golf Championship, participated in the “Ai Miyazato Suntory Ladies Open” held from June 8 to 11 as an invited amateur.

She cleared the qualifying round with an even-par total. Although she was disappointed to lose four points on the final day, she closed the four-day event with a positive comment, “I enjoyed the tournament.

Baba’s speed of transition from downswing to impact and the strength of his step are attractive qualities. In this tournament as well, he showed us not only his distance using his 175cm height, but also his lean and precise approach and putter. She also possesses the strength to draw the flow of the game. Like Hinako Shibuno (24), she is a gem of a player who has the ability to compete in overseas majors.

However, on the professional tour, it is important to have not only the skill but also the stamina to fight through the four days. It is great enough for an amateur to pass the qualifying round, but I hope she has the stamina not to collapse on the final day in order to make further progress in the future,” said Fumiko Muraguchi, a golf commentator.

Baba, too, was aware of his own issues.

He worked on strengthening his stamina and driver in the off-season, and seems to have succeeded in remodeling his body, gaining 8 kg while consuming 4,500 kcal per day. If he can control his professional body at will, winning a professional tour championship this season is no longer just a dream.

The results of his efforts have been positive, as evidenced by the 274 yards he recorded in his first domestic tournament of the season. The day is near when the best amateur will shine in the professional world.

Baba at the time of winning the U.S. Women’s Amateur Championship. She is much slimmer than she is now. She eats very little and sometimes it takes her 3 hours to eat one meal.

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