The “Sexual Assault Issue” of Janney Kitagawa: Calls for a press conference by President Julie Fujishima grow stronger, but the “Recurrence Prevention Team” is a cover for it. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The “Sexual Assault Issue” of Janney Kitagawa: Calls for a press conference by President Julie Fujishima grow stronger, but the “Recurrence Prevention Team” is a cover for it.

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Despite the release of an apology video, Keiko Fujishima, president of the Johnny’s s office, has yet to respond to the press conference (from her official website).

I think what Mr. Kitagawa did is a complete crime. ……

The allegations of sexual assault against boys by Mr. Janie Kitagawa are being exposed one after another. It can be said that the situation is no longer under control.

On June 20, former Johnny’s Jr. member Kazuya Nakamura attended a hearing of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan held in the Diet. He testified about the sexual abuse he suffered from Mr. Janie Kitagawa in the past.

Nakamura said that in 2001, the year after he joined Johnny’s in his first year of junior high school, he stayed at Mr. Kitagawa’s house and was sexually victimized. As a junior, he performed at the debut concert of “Tackey & Tsubasa” at the Tokyo Dome.

He said he was so afraid of the act that he could no longer go to the office or lessons.

He said, “It’s like I’ve raised my voice so much and it’s being swept under the rug. I don’t agree. To be honest, I don’t really benefit at all from having even my personal information exposed, so I’d like a sincere, or rather a confrontational, response.”

I think what Mr. Kitagawa did was completely criminal.”

Mr. Nakamura expressed his frustration and asked Johnny’s to hold a press conference.

Furthermore, on the 21st, Shukan Bunshun reported another confession of sexual assault in the form of “35 Years of Confession” by Kazunori Tsuchida, a former member of Otoko Togumi. He said that when Mr. Kitagawa attacked him and he refused, he was removed as a member.

Mr. Tsuchida’s confession prompted him to open a Twitter account.

As a former Johnny’s talent, I will post my current feelings, thoughts, and events until the issue is resolved. Start date: June 19, Reiwa 2023.

Bunshun contacted the Johnny’s s office about Tsuchida’s article.

The contents of the article are currently being reviewed by a special team for the prevention of recurrence, so we will refrain from responding.

The reply was, “We will not be able to respond to your inquiry as it is currently being reviewed by a special team to prevent a recurrence.

On May 26, the Johnny’s office established a “Special Recurrence Prevention Team. A former prosecutor general, a psychiatrist, and other members of the team are working on the matter.

The team is far from a formal third-party committee,” he said. It is not clear what kind of contract they have with Johnny’s, and they say they will not conduct an exhaustive investigation out of concern for privacy. If any unfavorable results are found, we do not know whether they will be able to disclose them to the public without consulting Johnny’s office, or whether they will be able to clean up their act.

President Keiko Fujishima has been holding press conferences and avoiding answering questions from the media because she is “asking for verification” from the team to prevent a recurrence of such a situation. This is a convenient “cover”. She should hold a press conference where she can answer journalists’ questions and show her sincerity by her own mouth. There is a growing number of signatures from former talents and fans calling for a press conference.

(Sports newspaper reporter) “While preventing a recurrence is important, the man himself, Mr. Kitagawa, is no longer with us. What is really required of the Johnny’s office is not to run away from the situation, but to face the voices of the victims and the public.

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