Kidnapped for the purpose of committing sexual acts”… “Defendant couple, whose husband was sentenced to 23 years in prison, indulged their lust” for the murder of a high school girl, shuddered and took a picture of their true faces. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kidnapped for the purpose of committing sexual acts”… “Defendant couple, whose husband was sentenced to 23 years in prison, indulged their lust” for the murder of a high school girl, shuddered and took a picture of their true faces.

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Defendant Kazumi was jealous of her husband’s relationship with a female high school student

She continued her obsession with the student, kidnapped her for sexual acts, and killed her to avoid arrest. The consequences of taking the precious life of the victim, who has a future, are grave.”

The judge condemned the defendant couple’s crime.

On June 20, the Tokyo District Court convicted Shohei Komori (29) and Kazumi Komori (30), an unemployed couple, of murdering a female student, A, then 18, a junior in high school in Tokyo. Shohei was sentenced to 23 years in prison, and Kazumi to 18 years. According to the verdict, the two defendants conspired to lure Ms. A to a parking lot in Tokyo in August 2009, take her by car to a cabin in Yamanashi Prefecture, strangle her with a rope, and stab her in the back with a knife, killing her.

Both defendants admitted the charges at their first trial. The defense, however, is challenging Kazumi’s competency on the grounds that she had an addictive personality disorder. However, since Kazumi was acting rationally and according to a plan, it was determined that she had the capacity to be responsible.

FRIDAY Digital” reported on the case in detail in an article distributed on September 2, ’21. We would like to recount the whole story of the defendant couple’s appalling crime, in which they put their own desires and convenience first.

In the mountains more than 150 km away from their home: ……

The body of a high school girl was found in a mountainous area more than 150 km away from her home. There were four stab wounds on her back. There were strangulation marks on her neck, and a thin rope was wrapped around her neck.

Ms. A, a junior at a private high school in Sumida-ku, Tokyo, went missing on the afternoon of August 28, 2009. He left home saying, “I’m going to see a friend,” but did not return at the appointed time. His mother, concerned, called 110 that evening.

Upon receiving the call, the Mukojima Police Station of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department determined that Ms. A might have been involved in an incident, since she had not been found to be in any notable trouble. When they checked the security camera in the parking lot near her home, they saw Ms. A getting into a white passenger car,” said a reporter from the society section of a national newspaper.

The police analyzed the security camera footage and found that shortly after 7 p.m. on August 30, the same car caught on camera was parked at the Tatsuno parking area on the Chuo Expressway in Nagano Prefecture. When investigators questioned the two occupants, a man and a woman, they implied that Mr. A had been murdered and that his body had been dumped. On the following day, Shohei and Kazumi, who lived in Shibukawa City, Gunma Prefecture, were arrested.

Based on their statements, the police searched along a prefectural road in Yamanashi Prefecture. The police found Ms. A’s body in a storage shed in Hayakawa Town, Yamanashi Prefecture.

A couple living in Gunma Prefecture and a high school girl in Tokyo. What kind of connection did they have?

Shohei and his wife are believed to have killed Mr. A, whom they met on Twitter.

Mr. A met Shohei on Twitter about two years before the incident. It is said that they actually met and had sexual exchanges on SNS.

His wife Kazumi was in a relationship with another man until early 2009. Kazumi purchased a 40-year-old house in Shibukawa City. They had a child together, but separated due to violence by the man she was dating. She then met Shohei, who was living in Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture, at the time, through Twitter. I heard that they got married in May 2009 and started living together at a house in Shibukawa City in the summer of the same year.

Nameplate reads “boiled egg.

The young couple had just started their newly married life together. It is known that Shohei left the building materials manufacturer he worked for when he was in Mie Prefecture and had almost no job, while Kazumi worked at a nearby convenience store. Kazumi did not put her name on the nameplate and wrote “yudetamago” (boiled egg) for some reason; the two were often seen going out together in their car, and the couple was said to be on good terms.

The incident was triggered by jealousy that swirled in the wife’s heart. She looked at her husband’s smartphone and learned of Shohei’s relationship with Ms. A. “Shohei said, ‘Ms. A is the one I’m looking for,'” the wife wrote.

Shohei stated, “My wife suspected me of having a relationship with Ms. A.” Kazumi said, ‘I wanted the relationship to end. He must have seen the intimate social networking exchanges with the high school girl and became intensely jealous.

The couple also said that they “called [Ms. A] to talk” and “went into the shed and stabbed her several times, killing her. The area around the shed, where the incident took place, was almost deserted, and the entrance was padlocked, perhaps because the couple feared that the crime would be discovered.

The storage shed where the incident took place is said to be near a campsite that Shohei often used. Since the defendant was familiar with the area, it is believed that the crime was premeditated.

Shohei is sent to the police station for prosecution.
Shohei being sent to the police station
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