Doctor suspected of indecent exposure “filmed the crime with his smartphone” and took a horrifying picture of his face. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Doctor suspected of indecent exposure “filmed the crime with his smartphone” and took a horrifying picture of his face.

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Suspect Nishida arrested

This is the fourth time he has been arrested.

By June 21, the Metropolitan Police Department’s Investigation Division 1 re-arrested Takashi Nishida, 54, director of the “Otsuka Minamiguchi Ekimae Neurology Clinic” (Toshima Ward, Tokyo). Since October 2009, Nishida is suspected of performing indecent acts on a female patient in her 30s under the guise of gynecological treatment.

It appears that he filmed the crimes using a “glasses-type hidden camera and a smart phone,” and saved them on his own computer. Numerous indecent videos were found on his computer. The number of victims is multiple. Nishida has already been arrested and indicted three times on charges against other women.

In an article distributed on March 14 of this year, “FRIDAY Digital” reported in detail on the suspected crime committed by the clinic director. We would like to recount the entire crime and look back at the horrified face of Nishida.

Hidden Photographs of “Tactile Examination

As a neurology clinic with a specialist in dementia from the Japan Dementia Society, we hope to be of help in the fight against dementia in the community.

The clinic’s website states this as its “philosophy. However, the doctor arrested at the clinic, while specializing in neurology, also provides gynecological care and has been indecently assaulting several female patients.

On March 8, the Metropolitan Police Department’s Investigation Division 1 arrested the doctor, Nishida, on suspicion of quasi-forcible indecency. The Otsuka Minamiguchi Ekimae Neurology Clinic, of which Nishida is the director, opened in July 2008 in a convenient location just a two-minute walk from JR Otsuka Station.

The incident occurred in October 2009. Ms. A, a woman in her 20s who visited the gynecology department, was the victim. Nishida instructed Ms. A to remove her underwear. After making her sit on the examination table, he touched her lower body for about an hour.

He also used a small camera built into his glasses to secretly film the “palpation. There were no nurses or office staff in the hospital, and Ms. A. and Nishida were the only two people in the hospital,” said a reporter from the society section of a national newspaper.

Arrested suspect Nishida (photo partially doctored)

Ms. A became suspicious when she was touched on the lower half of her body for too long and consulted the Sugamo Police Station of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. The police carefully investigated the incident, interviewing several medical specialists to determine whether it was an act of obscenity or part of a medical procedure. This led to the arrest. During a voluntary interrogation prior to his arrest, Nishida said, “I don’t remember doing anything wrong. He denied committing the crime, explaining, “I don’t remember doing anything wrong, and I wanted to ensure the legitimacy of my medical treatment in case it became a problem later on.

The suspect’s computer was found to contain more than 50 video clips of female patients. All of them are indecent in nature, including touching parts of the body that are not necessary for medical treatment. The police believe that a large number of women may have been victims.

Nice buddy” at checkout

Nishida was born in Aomori Prefecture. After graduating from the National Defense Medical College, he had many specialties, including a specialist and supervisor in dementia and a specialist in general internal medicine from the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine. However, it seems that his reputation was never good. Shukan Josei PRIME” and “Shueisha Online” reported that the following complaints about Nishida’s clinic were written on the Internet.

When I asked them to leave my bra on or to shift it a little, this time they shifted it all the way up and ended up exposing the whole of my body…. I couldn’t put up much of a fight because I had a fever, so I was left to my own devices. When I paid the bill, I was told that I had a “nice body,” which was traumatic for me. (I would never recommend it, especially to women.

In this post, she also states that she was alone with only a male doctor.

Perhaps because of the bad reputation of the clinic, the number of patients wishing to see the doctor has been decreasing. The clinic has been deserted. There are also stories on the Internet that the doctor was very familiar with the patients, even on the phone, using a “tame” tone of voice. It may be because there were no other patients, but there are rumors that the conversation was long and tiresome.

After the incident was discovered, a reporter went to the clinic and found that the sign had been removed and the place was deserted. The police are also investigating Nishida’s other crimes.

Arrested suspect Nishida (some photos have been doctored)
Arrested Nishida (photo has been partially processed)
The building where Nishida’s clinic was located. The signboard has now been removed.
A poster left on the building where Nishida’s clinic was located.
The building where Nishida’s clinic was located. The signboard has now been removed.
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