Hiroyuki Miyasako’s acquaintance reveals that Hiroyuki Miyasako will never be able to return to TV, and that he has been “soaking up alcohol” since before he started his “black market” business. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hiroyuki Miyasako’s acquaintance reveals that Hiroyuki Miyasako will never be able to return to TV, and that he has been “soaking up alcohol” since before he started his “black market” business.

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He may be a successful businessman, but he seems to be under a lot of stress…

Hiroyuki Miyasako, 53, has been in the news a lot.

On June 13, Shukan Josei PRIME” reported on the possibility of Miyasako’s return to drama. The article mentioned the resignation of Hiroshi Osaki, 69, chairman of Yoshimoto Kogyo, in April of this year, and reported that until now it had been taboo for the media to offer Miyasako video projects, out of consideration for Yoshimoto Kogyo, but that “the ban may gradually be lifted. However, a Yoshimoto Kogyo official took a clear cut stance, saying, “There is absolutely no way.

It will never happen. Osaki’s anger toward Miyasako has not subsided. Even though he has retired as chairman, he still has tremendous influence in the TV industry.

In June 2007, FRIDAY reported that Miyasako and 13 other comedians had participated in a year-end party for a bank transfer scam group and received compensation. In response, Miyasako gave a false explanation to Yoshimoto Kogyo, to which he belonged, and later held a press conference without permission, which made Chairman Osaki furious at Miyasako’s attitude. As a result, the contract with Yoshimoto was terminated one month later in July of the same year. Four years have passed since the riot, and Miyasako has yet to return to television.

Mr. Osaki, when he was chairman, expressed his disgust even at the mere mention of Miyasako. When FRIDAY interviewed him in February 2009, he said, “I don’t think you should go back. I don’t think he should go back. I don’t think he should make a YouTube story out of every single thing he says. I don’t think that the restrictions will loosen just because Mr. Osaki has resigned as chairman.

There is one more reason to believe that he will not be able to return. On May 28, Miyasako appeared in a video by You Tuber Hikaru (32). On May 28, Miyasako appeared in a video by YouTuber Hikaru, 32, in which he confessed that he is currently in a state of near chronic alcohol dependence. When Hikaru pointed out to Miyasako that he was drinking too much too fast, Miyasako replied, “I’m a bit of a drinker right now,

Miyasako, when Hikaru pointed out that he was drinking too quickly, began by saying, “I’m trying to cut back a little bit on my drinking.

Miyasako began,

I’ve been warned by my fans, but my hands can’t stop shaking. I can’t write anymore.

I can’t write anymore,” he said, describing his current symptoms. When Hikaru warned him, “Then you shouldn’t drink,” Miyasako replied, “No, I can’t stop if I drink,

Miyasako laughed, saying, “No, I can’t stop if I drink.

Miyasako burst out laughing, saying, “No, if I drink it, I’ll be addicted. A staff member pointed out that he was an alcoholic. A man who has known Miyasako for many years saw the scene,

He said, “There were signs that Miyasako was an alcoholic even before the ‘black market problem. The signs became especially noticeable after he was diagnosed with scirrhous stomach cancer in 2012 and returned to work a short time later.

I’m going to die of cancer anyway,” he says.

Mr. Miyasako’s drinking parties are always a lot of fun with a lot of people in tow, including comedians and the president of a company he knows. However, Mr. Miyasako was always drunk early on. When I pointed out that he drank too much, he told me that he had insomnia and could not sleep, so he would end up drinking until morning. I can’t get drunk no matter how much I drink, so I drink until I get drunk.

But I still can’t sleep, so I go straight to work. I’m always so tense that I’m half sick,” he laughed. He also said, “The amount of alcohol I drink only increases, and I can’t stop.

When an acquaintance asked Miyasako why he is always so uptight, he replied, “Because I don’t think I’m funny,

He replied, “I’ve never thought of myself as funny, so I always worry about what people think of me, and I rely on alcohol. I want to drink alcohol to loosen up, but I can’t loosen up at all.”

He then spoke sadly, “I’m going to die of cancer anyway,

He also said, “I’m going to die of cancer anyway.

I’m going to die of cancer anyway,” he also said.

The Yoshimoto staff member mentioned above also recalls Miyasako at that time.

He was away from the public stage because of the black market problem, but it was probably a good thing that he could take a rest physically. If he had continued working at that pace, he might have died of alcoholism.

Miyasako, who was unable to cut down on alcohol even after suffering from stomach cancer in 2000 and who had been borrowing alcoholic beverages even before his black market business in 2007, first concentrated on his YouTube and yakiniku restaurant business and then firmly cut down on alcohol consumption.

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