“Sis, do you have a minute?” …They make millions of yen a month! The Surprising Reason Why Young Women “Go to Hosts for Part-time Work | FRIDAY DIGITAL

“Sis, do you have a minute?” …They make millions of yen a month! The Surprising Reason Why Young Women “Go to Hosts for Part-time Work

The reality of Piena, as depicted by a writer who is currently a student at Keio University. 5 years after Reiwa, Kabukicho is now ...... No.59

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While walking in Kabukicho, a stranger calls out to me.

She said, “Sister, do you have a few minutes to spare? I was wondering if you could help me out with the number of units. ……”

Some hostesses call women to their restaurants and pay for their services themselves in order to earn the number of “nomination bottles”.

In recent years, in order to earn the “number of nominations” of their favorite host, hosiery freaks are asking women on the street to help them earn the number of nominations. The “number of nomination” refers to the number of customers who visit the host in a month, and is a number that the host is evaluated by the host store in addition to the amount of sales.

The hostess in charge wanted to raise the quota, so she asked her friend to help her.

Mayu (pseudonym, 21) is one of the customers who make a lot of money for the hostess in charge.

My friend does the cashier’s check (i.e., pays the minimum fee at the cash register without going into the store), and the store counts it toward the number of drinks. I pay for it. It’s called ‘the number of drinks. If I spend 50,000 yen by myself, it is only one bottle, but if I give 10,000 yen to each person and five people go, it is five bottles.

In Kabukicho, the “number of drinks” has become a common practice. The host clubs’ advertising trucks driving around Kabukicho are lined with numbers such as “sales over 10 million yen and number of appointments over 100. If they can attract an average of four customers a day, they can achieve the record for this kind of sales pitch.

Just before the deadline for the number of nominations, hoskies call for “cooperation in the number of nominations” via Twitter and other means. I went to one of the hostesses who was in charge of a certain hosu-kun and gave her the number of bottles, and it was a bizarre scene. About 10 hosu crazy girls were crammed into the VIP room, and they were all on their smartphones, exchanging information about the number of bottles they wanted to keep. I wonder if they really want a record of the number of drinks they have.

Some of the hosiery enthusiasts who earn “the number of drinks” give about 1,000 yen to those who cooperate with them by using Amazon gift cards or PayPay.

There is a downside for those who cooperate. You have to show your ID to the host club, and some stores take a copy of it. Also, since many stores have a permanent nomination system, you will not be able to enter that store with another host nomination. I think that a hosiery club that attracts cooperators needs either charisma or gratuity money; if a girl has a lot of followers on social networking sites, girls who are her fans will cooperate with her,” he said.

In recent years, the number of nominations has been inflated. In the past, even some of the top girls were limited to 200 nominations per month, but now we hear of records as high as 1,000 nominations per month. One thousand nominations per month means that in one day, a girl can have more than 30 customers. This impossible record was made possible by the combination of the number of drinks and SNS. Makoto (pseudonym, 24), a Kabukicho host for three years, has seen female customers become addicted to the host swamp due to the “number of drinks bubble.

The original purpose of the system was to create an axis of evaluation for hosts other than sales, but the “number of drinks” has made it a skeleton. However, it is a good system for girls. If a girl comes several times a month and spends 250,000 yen, she is a fine customer, but if she spends 10,000 yen every day for 25 days, she can become an “ace in terms of number of drinks” who earns the most number of drinks.

Even if she can’t spend a lot of money, she can feel that she is contributing to the host, so she tries her best to earn the “number of drinks”. The “ace in terms of the number of drinks” is treated by the host without spending a lot of money, so the “ace in terms of sales,” who contributes several million yen a month to the host, is seen as an enemy of the ace (laugh).

(Laughs)” These women were caught up in the competition to win the most number of hosts. Their strong sense of mission is keeping them in fierce competition tonight as well.

Sasaki Chihuahua
Born in Tokyo in 2000. After attending an integrated school in Tokyo from elementary school to high school, she went on to Keio University, where she has been living in Kabukicho since the age of 15 and has a wide network of contacts. At university, he is studying the sociology of the downtown area, including Kabukicho. His book, ” Pien” to shakai” (“The Disease of ‘Pien’: Consumption and Approval of the SNS Generation”), is now on sale.

From the June 30, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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