The love letter leak and candlelight press conference that could have been prevented…The “three bad moves” of Ryoko Hirosue, the neglectful office, and Chef’s escape. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The love letter leak and candlelight press conference that could have been prevented…The “three bad moves” of Ryoko Hirosue, the neglectful office, and Chef’s escape.

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Finally, Ryoko Hirosue began to publicly express her dissatisfaction with her office. However, the affair shows no sign of abating. ……

The “W affair” scandal involving Ryoko Hirosue (42) has been making waves on TV, in newspapers, and on the Internet every day, and has become a veritable quagmire. The situation was a real quagmire.

At first, Hirosue denied having an affair with Shusaku Toba, 45, a chef and owner of a Michelin star restaurant, but the following week, Bunshun Weekly published a graphic diary of their “love letter” exchange. Just before the issue went on sale, both admitted to the affair,” said a women’s magazine reporter.

(Women’s magazine reporter) Many celebrities criticized the publication of the love letters, asking whether it was necessary to go to such lengths. In the midst of this, Candle held a press conference and revealed that she had had an affair with Hirosue in the past and that she had been handling it behind the scenes.

Speaking of Mr. Hirosue, in ’14 he was reported to have allegedly had an affair with actor Takeru Sato. Mr. Candle did not name him, but this time it did not cause such a big commotion as this one. She went to the apartment, but her claim that “I didn’t go to his room” was accepted.

Perhaps because of that successful experience, she thought she could get away with just a few minor denials this time as well. In that sense, her “snub” of the media may have led to an irreparable result.

In response to Bunshun’s direct questioning, Hirosue replied

In response to Bunshun’s direct questioning, Hirosue said, “Oh, no, there is no such thing! Absolutely not!

She even brought up the fact that she is a mother of three and strongly insisted that she was not having an affair.

In this situation, Bunshun was forced to come up with strong evidence to defend the legitimacy of their article. In other words, Bunshun, knowing the criticism they would receive, sent out a second “love letter” to the mother.

When the first report came out, the office should have acknowledged the affair instead of issuing a “stern warning. They could have pushed through the affair with Takeru Sato by saying that there was no basis in fact, so they probably thought they could smoke it out this time, too. However, the fact that the office issued a “stern warning” rather than denying all the facts suggests that they must have been aware of the affair to some extent.

Anyway, even if Ms. Hirosue was in a panic in response to the direct hit from Bunshun, she should have bought some time by saying, “I can’t talk about it right now,” instead of making a false denial. If she had responded by admitting the affair through her office, Bunshun would not have published the love letter, and the situation would not have become so bogged down.

In addition to the “bad” handling by Hirosue and her office, what added fuel to the fire was the attitude of Chef Toba. His apology was not only to Ms. Candle, but also to many others.

When I watched Candle’s press conference, I could see that he was still very angry with Chef Toba. When I saw his apology, all I could think of was anger. It may sound immature, but there was no apology from him. He said he would definitely come back at a later date, and that was it.

She may have thought that she was not a celebrity and that she would have little influence on the affair, but she had to be sincere in her response to the husband of the adulterous partner. Even underwater, if Chef Toba had properly confronted Ms. Candle, the press conference might not have been held. From Ms. Hirosue’s point of view, her husband’s revelations were a definite blow to her image.

After the press conference, Chef Toba’s corporate projects such as “Euglena” and “Rokko Butter” were cancelled one after another, and NHK’s “Today’s Cooking” was also virtually cancelled. If not for Candle’s press conference, he might not have been so affected.

As in the case of Chef Toba, I still think the office should have handled the situation better, considering the feelings of Mr. Candle and his wife on the other side. I have the impression that they have neglected to do so.

If Ms. Hirosue, the office, and Chef Toba had handled the situation with more sincerity, the situation would not have been as ugly as it was.

I have seen many reports of infidelity, but Ms. Hirosue’s case was handled so poorly that I wondered, “Are they going to put an end to this? (a source in the entertainment industry). I am not sure if they have any intention of putting an end to the affair. It seems as if there is still a “row” or “two rows” to go. ……

  • Interview and text by Norifumi Arakida (FRIDAY Digital Entertainment Desk)

    Born in Saitama Prefecture in 1975. Worked for an evening newspaper and a women's weekly before assuming his current position. Also appears on TV and radio.

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