A loving date with husband Noriyuki Higashiyama… Images of Yoshino Kimura, “No.1 Favorite Johnny’s Wife,” who appeared in the July drama series. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A loving date with husband Noriyuki Higashiyama… Images of Yoshino Kimura, “No.1 Favorite Johnny’s Wife,” who appeared in the July drama series.

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First two shots of the couple. The two smile as they notice this magazine (December 24, ’10 issue).

Yoshino Kimura (47) will appear in the drama “This Wonderful World” (Fuji Television Network), which will start in July. The drama is a “spoof comedy” in which the main character, Taeko Hamaoka, a housewife leading an ordinary life played by Mayumi Wakamura (56), is forced to lead a double life, pretending to be Kinuyo Wakana, a great actress active in the entertainment world. Kimura plays the president of the agency to which Wakana belongs.

Kimura was born in London, England and grew up in Seijo, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo. She became active as a reader’s model while attending Seijo Gakuen High School and made her drama debut in ’96. Her agency, Top Court, which is currently home to many popular actors such as Masaki Suda and Momori Matsuzaka, was established after the president of the agency met Kimura. Kimura was the first talent to belong to the company, and it is no exaggeration to say that the company has grown so much thanks to Kimura’s success.

In 2003, Kimura also entered the variety TV business with “Itte Q to the End of the World” (NTV). His friendly personality has made him extremely popular among young people and housewives alike.

Kimura married Noriyuki Higashiyama (56) in October 2010, and was ranked first in a survey conducted on June 19 by Shukan Josei PRIME, which polled 1,000 women in their 30s to 50s nationwide.

FRIDAY” paid attention to Kimura right after his debut. The lovey-dovey arm date she witnessed right after her marriage to Higashiyama, her white skin from her chest to her thighs exposed in a dress, her neat school uniform…. We hope you enjoy seeing Kimura’s fresh smile in these treasured photos.

The two of them, hot even on a cold night… taking a lovey-dovey stroll arm in arm.

It was a cold night on December 1 when we spotted newlyweds Higashiyama and Kimura, who had just joined the registry on October 23, 2010. Kimura was bent slightly forward, leaning back and arm in arm with Higashiyama, and the two were smiling and looking at each other, taking the trouble to look back at passersby as they passed by. They looked at each other with smiles on their faces, as if to say, “No one notices us. Perhaps it was because they looked so natural, walking shoulder to shoulder without hiding their faces, that not a single passerby noticed the big couple in front of them.

The couple met in 2008 when they performed together on the stage “Farewell, My Love, Princess Haohobetsuhime,” and announced their relationship in November 2009. The wedding was scheduled for May 2010, but was postponed due to the poor health of actress Mitsuko Mori, whom Higashiyama admires. ‘ (A reporter from a sports newspaper).

When Higashiyama noticed this magazine, he looked at us and smiled, while Kimura covered his mouth with his hand in embarrassment. It was extremely rare for Higashiyama to show such a relaxed expression.

Since then, Kimura has had two daughters and is doing well in both his private and public life. Higashiyama, on the other hand, is still in the midst of a “Johnny’s problem,” referring to “changing the name of the company,” and the turmoil still does not seem to have subsided, but Kimura’s radiant smile is sure to dispel any fatigue.

Kimura dressed as an office worker in school uniform (Sept. 3, ’99 issue)
At the stage greeting for his first movie “ISOLA: Multiple Personalities Girl. On the right is Ken Ishiguro (57) (Feb. 4, ’00 issue).
Appeared at the press conference for “SKY PerfecTV! Awards 2008” press conference. She wore a dress that boldly exposed her breasts and thighs. On the right is Kosuke Kitajima (40) (October 31, ’08 issue).
On the green carpet at the 21st Tokyo International Film Festival (November 7, 2008 issue)
Kimura at the Tokyo International Film Festival on the day of his wedding (November 12, 2010 issue).
The couple’s first two-shot. The two smile when they notice this magazine (December 24, 2010 issue)
The two looking back after getting in the cab (December 24, 2010 issue)
The two smiling the whole time even when being chased by this magazine (December 24, ’10 issue)
Kimura right after the launch of “Anata ni Wataranai” (TV Asahi) (December 21, 2006 issue)
On location for “Mothers in Love” (TBS) (January 1, 2009 issue)
A scene from a movie shoot. He looks cool in a bright red trench coat (February 26, 2009 issue).
  • PHOTO Tetsuko Takemoto (1st, 7th), Naomi Horikawa, Takaaki Yagisawa, Kazuhiko Nakamura (4th to 6th), Ippei Hara (8th, 9th), Shu Nishihara, Yuri Adachi, Yusuke Kondo

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