Popular comedy duo “Wagyu” Shinji Mizuta 《17 years younger than his ex-girlfriend》 Allegations of “bed beating and hidden photography” to his ex-girlfriend. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Popular comedy duo “Wagyu” Shinji Mizuta 《17 years younger than his ex-girlfriend》 Allegations of “bed beating and hidden photography” to his ex-girlfriend.

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Newlyweds Mizuta and Yamamoto stroll through the city in the evening. They stopped in front of a café as they passed by, laughing happily with each other.

I make my material with an awareness of not lying.”

The manzai duo “Wagyu” has made it to the finals of numerous award shows. They have also made it to the finals of the “M-1” competition five times and are well known among their fans as a talented duo. The duo had been enjoying their single life for a long time, but Kenshiro Kawanishi (39), who is in charge of the comical comedy, and Shinji Mizuta (43), who is in charge of the humorous comedy, got married last year and just a few days ago, respectively.

Mizuta announced his marriage on May 24 to Hagiko Yamamoto (26), a popular freelance announcer 16 years younger than Mizuta. 6:30 in the evening in mid-June, this magazine spotted the newlyweds on a street corner in Shibuya Ward. Yamamoto’s fingers were firmly intertwined with Mizuta’s left hand as they walked along the sidewalk.

After announcing their marriage, Mizuta said, “(Yamamoto) seems to like my dashimaki tamago (rolled egg). After the announcement of their marriage, Mizuta said, “He likes my dashimaki tamago (rolled egg). He says they taste better than the ones at the restaurant. Yamamoto seems to be quite smitten with him.

The couple headed for the NHK Broadcasting Center. On that day, there was a live broadcast of “WASPO x MLB,” for which Yamamoto is the anchor, and they were enjoying a walking date before that. As rumored, Mizuta is a handsome handsome man with a new wife, but there was one woman who was hurt behind his back. She is Mizuta’s former girlfriend, Ako. Her friend, Mr. B, tells us.

Eight years ago in the summer, she followed Mizuta’s Twitter page and received a DM from him. Soon after, Mr. Mizuta invited her to dinner and they had a relationship. Mr. Mizuta lived in Tokyo and Ako, who had just graduated from high school, lived in Osaka, and the 18-year-old Ako sometimes went to see him. The official relationship began in ’18, when Ako turned 21.”

At the time, Mizuta was already a regular finalist in the “M-1” competition, and since Ako kept their relationship a secret from everyone around them, Mr. B did not pry too deeply after learning of their relationship.

In December 2007, I noticed a bruise under Ako’s eye from an internal hemorrhage, and I asked her, ‘What is that? I asked, ‘What’s that?’ She told me that Mr. Mizuta had slapped her during sexual intercourse.”

What Ms. B later heard was Mizuta’s rough treatment of Ms. A, which she could not imagine from his mild-mannered face.

He strangled her until she fainted and ……

She said, “When it comes to sex, he changes drastically. At first, I heard that Ako, who didn’t want to be hated, accepted it, but it gradually escalated. When I heard her story, he would strangle her until she almost fainted and beat her so hard that bruises would remain for several days.

In order to ascertain the truth of the matter, we directly interviewed Mizuta, who was on his way home after a performance at the theater.

-You know Ms. Ako, don’t you?

…… (walks away without looking at us at all)

-Please tell us about Ms. Mizuta’s actions, which may constitute a violation of the Nuisance Prevention Ordinance.

“…… (walk faster without saying a word)”

When this magazine confirmed the facts with Yoshimoto Kogyo, to which Mizuta belongs, we received the following response.

-Is it true that Mr. Mizuta choked Ms. A and slapped her so hard that her eyes were bruised?

I will refrain from commenting on the sexual intercourse because of the privacy of the person with whom I was involved.

Wagyu’s motto is “Never tell a lie.” …… Which side is the truth?

The July 7 issue of “FRIDAY,” which goes on sale tomorrow (July 23), will report in detail on Mizuta’s “hidden camera allegations” and on how Ako responded to the magazine’s interview. The pay-per-view website “FRIDAY GOLD” published several photos.

Ako met with Mr. B about twice a month for four years, and all she showed him were happy-looking pictures.
Mizuta holding a gift from Ako on her birthday. He said that he usually did not let her take out his wallet.
Ako was interviewed. She said that Mizuta contacted her on the day of the marriage announcement, which made her worried that he might still want to take videos or beat her up.

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