Sairi Ito stars in “Sicko! Yuji Oda’s decision to appear in a supporting role for the first time in 30 years in | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Sairi Ito stars in “Sicko! Yuji Oda’s decision to appear in a supporting role for the first time in 30 years in

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He was in a good mood throughout the filming of “Sicko! was in a good mood from start to finish.

Sairi Ito, who plays the leading role, may be put to the test in a good way. It is quite possible that Ms. Oda will “eclipse” the leading role. I am sure that Ms. Oda will perform with that kind of enthusiasm.

Yuji Oda, 55, will play the lead in the drama “Sikkou! ~The Dog, Me and the Marshal” (TV Asahi). This is because the lead role is not played by Oda but by Sairi Ito (29), and Oda is only in a supporting role.

It is a work drama about Oda, a magistrate who forcibly enforces foreclosures and other actions taken as a result of court judgments, and Ito, who has become his assistant for one reason or another. The protagonist, played by Ito, is a buddy of Oda’s because Oda sees a certain talent in him…” The story is about the two men’s friendship. Oda’s name appears at the end of the end roll, and I think he is in the “tome” position. He is treated as a leading actor in the film.

Because of the image of Oda, who has only played leading roles in the past, some people are surprised that he has clearly taken a supporting role in this film. In fact, this is the first time in 30 years since “It’s a Wonderful Life” (Fuji TV) in 1993 that Oda has appeared in a drama other than the lead role.

The reason why Mr. Oda accepted this offer is that TV has shifted its emphasis from household viewership ratings to core viewership ratings targeting the 13-49 age group, which is the age group that sponsors focus on. “the man from World Athletics. Furthermore, actors are also tending to become younger, and fewer and fewer people are going out of their way to pay high salaries to cast big-name actors.

Oda is one of the most famous actors of the 1990s, having starred in “Tokyo Love Story,” “Look Back, You’ll See Who’s There,” “Odoru Daisousasen” and many other masterpieces. Especially the “Odoru” series, which was made into a movie and continued for 15 years until 2012. Bayside Shakedown” (2003) and “Bayside Shakedown 2: Rainbow Bridge! (’03) still ranks seventh on the all-time Japanese film box office list. It is the only live-action film among the top ten films of all time, all of which are animated.

Oda is famous for being deeply involved in the production of his films as an “actor who speaks out”. Oda is known as an “outspoken actor” who is deeply involved in the production of his films, and has even been reported to have friction with his co-stars due to his excessive involvement. Two films and a drama series, “Diplomat: Kousaku Kuroda,” were produced in an attempt to follow up “Odoru” with a hit. The first film, “Amalfi: Reward of the Goddess,” grossed 3.6 billion yen at the box office, but was not as good as the “Odoru:” series.

The drama’s viewer rating was strong at 13.3% for the first season, but soon dropped to the single digits. Perhaps due to his impatience, it was reported that Oda gave passionate instruction to Kou Shibasaki (41), who also co-stars in the series, and that they fell out over rewritten lines and other issues. Also, since the main character is a diplomat, the series is often shot on location overseas, and the production cost is said to be an unprecedented 50 million yen per episode” (drama writer).

After that, there were other productions that were considered for series production.’ SUITS” (Fuji TV), which aired in 2006.

It is a remake of a popular drama series that was broadcast in the U.S. for nine seasons from ’11 to ’19, and co-starring Honami Suzuki (56), who co-starred in “Tokyo Love Story. Oda seemed to be very passionate about the scene, and although there were reports that she was annoyed by her co-stars, the ratings were quite good, averaging 10.8%.

In 2008, Season 2 was broadcast for an unusually long 15 episodes. However, it did not fare well, averaging 8.45%. There was also talk that the royalty fee of several million yen per episode for the original story might have put pressure on the production cost. There was also some talk that the royalty fee of several million yen per episode might have put pressure on the production cost. Oda is deeply involved in the production as an “actor who says things,” but it seems that he is no longer in a position to produce works as he would like.

In 2010, Oda graduated from “World Championships in Athletics,” for which he had served as MC for 13 events over the previous 25 years. This was reportedly due to Oda’s fees and production costs being too high.

However, at the location of “Sikkou! Oda was in high spirits at the location site of “Sikkou! He read his lines in a voice clearer than anyone else, checked the monitor side by side with Ito, and occasionally laughed out loud with a “Ha ha ha! He was in a really good mood as he read his lines, checked the monitor side by side with Ito, and even laughed out loud at times.

I hope he does not get too passionate this time.

With Eri Fukatsu, who plays Sumire Onda, on location for “Bayside Shakedown: The Final,” released in September 2012.
On location for “Bayside Shakedown: The Final. Playing Detective Aoshima, who is undercover as a butcher.
With a Russian actress on location for the drama “Diplomat: Kousaku Kuroda” in November ’10.
On location for “Sicko! on location for the drama “Diplomat Kousaku Kuroda”. Will they become great buddies?
There was a scene where they unintentionally put their hands on each other’s waists and twirled each other around.
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