Dead Body Dumped in Puddle! Korean Beauty Youtube Star Tortured to Death in Cambodia, Says Chinese Suspect | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Dead Body Dumped in Puddle! Korean Beauty Youtube Star Tortured to Death in Cambodia, Says Chinese Suspect

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Ms. Pyong was found in a cruel state (from her SNS).

A famous South Korean beauty YouTube star was found in a cruel state.

On June 6, a Korean woman, Pyeon A-young, 33, was found dead in a village in Kandal Province near Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. She was active under the name “BJ Ayoung” and had 160,000 followers on her video and 250,000 followers on Instagram. Pyong’s body was wrapped in a red cloth and dumped in a puddle of water near the factory.

We know that Pyong had been traveling in Cambodia since June 2 with a friend. The body was found in a deserted suburban area, not the kind of place a young woman would visit for sightseeing. The cause of Ms. Pyong’s death is not known for certain, but her body was found to have marks on her face and other parts of her body as if she had been severely beaten, and several broken bones were also found.

Police authorities in Cambodia and South Korea believe that Pyong was tortured to death. In March of this year, Pyong announced on her SNS that she was going to suspend her activities as a BJ. The incident occurred just as she was beginning to live freely as a civilian.

Violent seizure during treatment

On June 10, local police arrested a Chinese couple for torturing and killing Pyong.

According to the statement of the Chinese couple, Ms. Pyong received antibody injections, but during the treatment she suffered a violent seizure and died. They transported her body in a car and dumped it. Detailed statements about the assault have not been revealed” (reporter from the international department of a national newspaper).

The point of contention will be whether the scratches on Ms. Pyong’s body were made prior to her death or whether they were damaged in the process of dumping her body after her death.

The scratches on her body would have occurred during the abandonment of her body, but the fractures were most likely caused by the assault. And while swelling may occur as an adverse reaction to an injection, the fracture would have been caused by a violent external force.

What is puzzling is why Ms. Pynchon bothered to visit the hospital of a Chinese couple with whom she did not speak the language. Did they have a previous friendship or was she taken by the couple for some purpose? The circumstances leading up to the deaths have not been clarified, and the testimony of friends who were traveling with them is also noteworthy”.

The day after the Chinese couple was arrested, the 11th, was Ms. Pyong’s birthday. If found guilty of murder in Cambodia, the Chinese couple is likely to be sentenced to life in prison.

Ms. Pyung had 250,000 followers on Instagram (from her SNS).
He was very popular not only in Korea but also abroad (from his SNS)
Mr. Pyong was found in a state of shock (from his SNS)
The Internet is filled with comments of condolence (from his SNS)
  • PHOTO From Mr. Pynchon's SNS

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