“Fighting with 1,200 People Is Tough,” Said Mirai Asakura, a Martial Artist, at a Photo Shoot for an Apparel Event | FRIDAY DIGITAL

“Fighting with 1,200 People Is Tough,” Said Mirai Asakura, a Martial Artist, at a Photo Shoot for an Apparel Event

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Mirai Asakura looks like a Hollywood star

On June 3 and 4, a pop-up event (a limited-time store) was held at the Omotesando Museum, a large exhibition hall, for the apparel brand “MATIN AVENIR” launched by Mirai Asakura, 30, a mixed martial artist. Admission was by ticket only, and 1,200 tickets were available for two days. Asakura arrived at the venue in an Alphard like a celebrity and was immediately surrounded by waiting fans. Perhaps because of Asakura’s name recognition from the “Breaking Down” martial arts event he launched, female fans and small children were also seen at the venue. One fan who visited the venue said,

Asakura was very attentive to each and every one of the people who purchased his products. When asked by a female fan to give a “gal piece,” she did so without hesitation, and she even picked up a small child and took a commemorative photo with him. Asakura-san even screamed, saying, “It’s too hard to deal with 1,200 people!

He seemed to be very satisfied with Asakura’s “divine response.

Mizuki (23), a beautiful woman who got her big break last July after Asakura’s appearance on YouTube and is also a model for “Matin Avenir,” also came to the venue to support the event, and the crowd went wild. As Asakura left the venue, he was surrounded by a large number of staff members who guarded him, and the way he walked with his hands in his pockets in the middle of them gave him the aura of a Hollywood star rather than a fighter.

Asakura is said to be involved in a total of more than 15 businesses, including real estate investments, an esthetic salon, and a jewelry brand, with annual sales in excess of 3 billion. The only thing that Asakura, who has everything in hand, has yet to realize is a match with Ren Hiramoto, 24, a mixed martial artist with whom she has a history. (Sports newspaper reporter)

Will the day ever come when the two will fight? As Asakura is well versed in the psychology of fans, there is no doubt that she will live up to their expectations.

Many fans were waiting for Mirai Asakura when she arrived at the event venue.
Mizuki, a model discovered by Asakura, who recently changed her hair from blonde to black.

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