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Hollywood Celebrities’ Red Carpet Daring Dress Photos in Cannes International Film Festival

This is the latest fashion in the world!

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Naomi Campbell (53).

The dress is a Valentino Haute Couture. The red and pink colors embody femininity.

At the 76th Cannes International Film Festival held in Cannes, France, celebrities’ stunning dresses attracted a lot of attention. Makiko Iizuka, a journalist based in Los Angeles, commented on the cutting-edge fashion shown on the red carpet, saying, “The trends are ‘bra-showing’ and ‘see-through.

This year, many dresses are designed so that the wearer’s bra can be seen, and “see-through” and “chain” dresses are characterized by their ability to show off a large area of the body. Among the most impressive were Naomi Campbell (53), who showed off her beautifully toned abs, and Leila Depina (38), who wore a dress that made her look like she was wearing jewelry. Depina’s dress in particular was the talk of the media as ‘the most naked dress ever.

Naked Dresses…… are looking forward to seeing what kind of fashions we will be able to see at Cannes next year, as well as the film.

Valentina Sampaio (26)

A see-through black dress in the style of vintage. The heart-shaped hole in the back style revealed a bold butt crack.

Leila Depina (38)

This dress had almost nothing hidden in the front or back! Described as “the best naked dress ever,” it was the talk of the media!

Cindy Kimberly (24)

A sexy see-through dress with an open bust. Wearing her own brand “Loba by Cindy Kimberly”.

Wallis Day (28)

In a gorgeous sequin-studded dress, she showed off her long, toned legs and beautiful buttocks.

Irina Shayk (37)

A bold cross bra top and maxi skirt that only slightly covered her breasts. The dress was by Moira Lola.

From the June 16-23, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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