Prime Minister Kishida’s Closest Aides, Seiji Kihara, Got Blindsided by the Affair of Ryoko Hirosue and the Arrest of Kento Nagayama | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Prime Minister Kishida’s Closest Aides, Seiji Kihara, Got Blindsided by the Affair of Ryoko Hirosue and the Arrest of Kento Nagayama

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Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Seiji Kihara, who successfully deflected attention from his own alleged infidelity with the affair of Hirosue (right) and the arrest of Nagayama

The double affair of actress Ryoko Hirosue and the marijuana case of actor Kento Nagayama have saved the lives of some big-name politicians.

Wide news shows have been reporting extensively on the affair between Hirosue and famous chef Shusaku Toba, and the June 16 arrest of the Nagayama suspect on charges of violating the Marijuana Control Law (possession).

On June 18, Candle Jun, Hirosue’s husband, held a press conference and lashed out at Mr. Toba.

The latter’s older brother, popular actor Eita Nagayama, has also been the topic of conversation in interviews with some of the media, where he has condemned his “foolish brother,” saying, “I won’t forgive him.

However, behind the scenes, there was a scandal that would not have been surprising if it had been more widely reported than the above two. The scandal was the alleged affair of Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Seiji Kihara, the closest aide and advisor to Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, as reported by Bunshun.

In the Bunshun issue of January 15, Mr. Hirosue’s diary exchange was the second-best story, commonly called the “left-top” story. It was Kihara’s affair with his mistress that topped the ‘right top story,’ ahead of Hirosue’s.” According to a source close to the publication, “According to the magazine, Kihara was the first to report on Kihara’s affair.

According to the magazine, in addition to his wife, Mr. Kihara is a close friend of a former Ginza hostess, Ms. A. Ms. A has a daughter, and she looks just like Mr. Kihara.

One day in March, Mr. Kihara was caught with Ms. A and her daughter at the Tokyo Disney Resort. Mr. Kihara sometimes goes to work at the prime minister’s residence in the car driven by Ms. A.

Although Mr. Kihara denies all allegations of adultery and mistresses, and his wife and her parents have given their blessing to the existence of Ms. A., it would be unethical for a man who supports the prime minister of a country to be leading a “double life.

Kihara’s “double life” is unethical,” said Toru Mishiro of Gentosha, a major publishing house, and Gyasi, who was recently arrested for his involvement in the case. Kihara is heavily favored by Prime Minister Kishida and has suddenly become immensely powerful.

It is said that he proudly told Kishida, “I am running the country. His “tengu” behavior was a topic of conversation in Nagatacho as well.

For Kihara, the fact that the TV screen is now all about Hirosue and Nagayama must be a “dampener” for him. On the Internet, the following comments were made.

Kihara should be the one to be watched rather than Hirosue’s infidelity.

“This is a bigger problem than Hirosue’s affair, no matter what you think.

However, at this rate, it is likely to fade into thin air without becoming a big deal.

In the political world, when the Democratic Party of Japan announced that it would submit a no-confidence motion in the Cabinet on March 16, Prime Minister Kishida hinted that the Cabinet would be dissolved on the same day. According to an opposition party official, this was also a “distraction for the sake of his allies.

A source in the political world mentioned above said, “In the end, Prime Minister Kishida will not be able to win the election.

In the end, Prime Minister Kishida did not dissolve the Diet in view of the situation in his constituency. In the end, Prime Minister Kishida did not dissolve the Diet because of the situation in his constituency, because his approval rating has been declining recently, and because his relationship with Komeito, with whom he has formed a coalition, is strained.

Shocking data showed that if Komeito’s “organizational votes” were to leave the party, the number of seats in the Diet would be reduced by nearly 40. It is said that it was Kihara who presented the data to Prime Minister Kishida to dissuade him from dissolving the Diet.

Kihara’s constituency is in Tokyo’s 204th district.

Kihara’s constituency is Tokyo’s 20th district. If he were to enter the election campaign and be accused of having a mistress, there was a possibility that he would lose the election in his district.

In Nagata-cho, the most likely time for the next dissolution of the Diet is at the beginning of the extraordinary Diet session in the fall,” said Mr. Kihara. As expected, Kihara’s scandal will be a thing of the past. There is still a possibility that new problems will emerge…” (Sports newspaper reporter)

Mr. Kihara should not be able to sleep with his feet turned toward Hirosue and the Nagayama suspect.

  • PHOTO Kyodo (Kihara), Kazuhiko Nakamura (Hirosue)

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