Vtuber “Jail Taro,” With Three Previous Convictions Explains Why Plans for Heinous Crimes Are Created in Prisons for Rehabilitation | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Vtuber “Jail Taro,” With Three Previous Convictions Explains Why Plans for Heinous Crimes Are Created in Prisons for Rehabilitation

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Nagoya Prison, where an assault on an inmate was uncovered last year (Photo by Kyodo News)

Prisons are a place that ordinary people have no connection with. In recent years, social networking services and YouTubers have been providing amusing stories about the details of prisons, which used to be a black box, but in reality they are a strictly hierarchical society.

The real inside of a prison is a hierarchical society with a strict hierarchy.

“In prison, there is a strict hierarchical society with active yakuza at the top,” he said. The higher the position in the yakuza, the higher the hierarchy in prison. Later, ranks are determined according to prison history, crimes committed, and other factors.

In prisons, there are single rooms for one person and shared rooms for multiple people (4 to 6 people). Then the senior residents tell you which hierarchy you belong to.

This hierarchy is strictly enforced in all areas of the prison, including work, meals, and baths. If they fail to follow it, they are subjected to horrific bullying and are not given the information they need to do their work, which makes it impossible for them to live in the prison.

However, according to Taro Jongjang, inmates follow these rules in prison not only to protect themselves, but also to receive the benefits of following the rules with the yakuza.

He says, “By strictly adhering to the hierarchy within the prison, the yakuza at the top tell us where to find new jobs and how to commit crimes in such a way that we are less likely to get caught. If you are a thief, they will tell you where the rich people live and what the security is like, and if you want to be rehabilitated and work properly, they will introduce you to companies where you can find employment.”

“Because of these things, when celebrities end up in prison, they are sent to the management factory, not to the general factory where there are many yakuza and other criminals.”

The fact that prisons are designed to rehabilitate criminals, and yet they are creating opportunities for more insidious crimes, is a serious problem that needs to be improved. Prisons have various programs in place to prevent recidivism, but perhaps the quickest way to do this is to prevent the creation of horizontal ties.

Read “Gokudo Rakuen,” an ultra-realistic Gokudo manga supervised by “Taro the Prisoner,” who knows all about the world of the Yakuza.

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