The “Kimochiku…” love letters, short shorts… the very exciting “Is Ryoko Hirosue an ‘ita-nai’ woman?” Discussion | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The “Kimochiku…” love letters, short shorts… the very exciting “Is Ryoko Hirosue an ‘ita-nai’ woman?” Discussion

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Various opinions about Ryoko Hirosue’s affair have popped up on the Internet and elsewhere: ……

The public’s reaction to actress Ryoko Hirosue has been interesting – and interesting.

On June 14, Hirosue turned around and apologized for her alleged double affair with Shusaku Toba, the owner and chef of the French restaurant “sio. Her office imposed an indefinite suspension on Hirosue. Toba also apologized for the series of disturbances on his Twitter page.

As of June 8, when the first report came in, the two had denied having an affair.

Mr. Hirosue was ready to refute it if necessary,” said a reporter from a sports newspaper.

However, after only one week, the tone was not only toned down, but completely given up, as a “second arrow” was fired in the “Shukan Bunshun” (weekly magazine), which went on sale on June 15, and their exchange diary with Mr. Toba was leaked.

The magazine also published a photo of a handwritten postcard that Hirosue had addressed to Mr. Toba.

It is probably the first time that I have ever fallen in love with someone in such a serious and mutual way.

Shusaku, I love you.

You’ve clung to me, you’ve entered me, you’ve made me cry, you’ve been disgusting, and you’ve always been you, no matter what time of day.

I love you, Shusaku, for sticking to me, for getting into my life, for making me cry, for being so creepy, and for always being yourself, no matter what.

She had previously stated on a TV program that she was a “letter person” when it came to expressing her feelings to others, but she had no idea that she was keeping a lovey-dovey exchange diary with her adulterous partner. …… For Hirosue, this is nothing short of a red herring.

One opinion is that the affair itself is “evil” and denounces both Hirosue and Mr. Toba. Both men have families, and it is only natural.

The other opinion is about the “nastiness” of Hirosue, who at the age of 42 still sends love letters to the man she loves without any shame.

Not only this time, but in 2002, when a women’s magazine reported her secret meeting with actor Takeru Sato, Hirosue was wearing pinwheels and sexy net tights.

After a lapse of time, Hirosue changed her clothes to meet Mr. Toba again, this time wearing shorts that boldly exposed her bare legs. Her feet were not in pinwheels, but in high-heeled sandal-like shoes. It was obvious that she was playing to her strengths, as she does not usually wear such revealing clothes.

Women of the same age as Hirosue were not impressed by this.

I was really turned off by the exchange diary,” she said. It’s amazing that she can wear those shorts at the age of 42.

Strictly speaking, it is amazing that she could even think of wearing them. She is indeed a celebrity with a great style. Maybe they are a little different from our sense of style.

He said sarcastically, “I’m not sure if they’re a little different from our sense.

On the other hand, a man in his 40s who said that Hirosue was his “youth” said

He prefaces his comment by saying, “It’s not good to hurt other people through infidelity, but ……

He then goes on to say, “I think it’s a bad thing to hurt other people through infidelity, but it’s not a good thing.

I frankly say, “It’s no different from those days” that swept the 1990s. That ‘nastiness’ is part of what makes her Ryoko Hirosue.

In fact, if I could have such a loving exchange diary with Ms. Hirosue, I think I would have gone crazy myself. I had a lot of mixed emotions.

He said, “I had a lot of mixed feelings.

The media aside, there is no story more entertaining to the general public than this. The scene of a man and a woman at a bar saying, “Did you see Hirosue’s affair? It is easy to imagine the scene of a man and a woman at a drinking party, talking in a flirtatious manner, “Did you see Hirosue’s affair? Naturally, the Internet is flooded with comments on the subject of Hirosue.

After all, Ryoko Hirosue may be the one and only idol actress who can provide such a topic of conversation.

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