Kanna Mori, Hikari Mitsushima… Kento Nagayama, arrested for marijuana possession, “Hot love affair with a big-name actress caught by this magazine” scene photo | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kanna Mori, Hikari Mitsushima… Kento Nagayama, arrested for marijuana possession, “Hot love affair with a big-name actress caught by this magazine” scene photo

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In 2004, at the location of “Juubankake! on location. It was right after his relationship with Hikari Mitsushima was reported.

In the early morning of June 16, actor Kento Nagayama (34) was arrested by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department on suspicion of violating the Marijuana Control Law (possession).

The Metropolitan Police Department had been conducting reconnaissance since this spring after receiving information from a concerned party, and cannabis components were detected on multiple occasions in waste materials at his home. When the police raided his home on the 15th, they found a small amount of dried marijuana, which led to his arrest. It seems that the story that ‘Nagayama is going to be arrested for drugs’ had been rumored for some time, and several media outlets were working on it even before his arrest” (reporter from a national newspaper).

Nagayama debuted in 2007 and won the Academy Award for Best New Actor in 2010 for “Soft Boy,” his first starring role. Since then, he has appeared in “Juubankake! (TBS) and “Doctor X” (TV Asahi), and was scheduled to appear in next year’s historical drama “Hikaru Kimi e”. He is well known as the younger brother of popular actor Eita Nagayama (40). Eita commented on the case as follows.

I won’t allow it, that’s all. I don’t care whether you follow me or not. If Ayato wants to be an actor, that’s his own decision. As his older brother, I wanted to support him.

Nagayama’s “luck with the ladies” has also become a topic of conversation in connection with his arrest.

In April, Ayato appeared as a guest on “Suddenly, Can I Tell Your Fortune? (Fuji TV) in April. At that time, fortune teller Hitomi Hoshi told him that Mr. Ayato’s destiny changes depending on the woman he chooses, saying, “Depending on the woman you choose, you will be arrested. He has a star for trial. It is dangerous. It has become a hot topic on the Internet, with people saying, ‘He is right on target…'” (sports newspaper reporter).

In 2003, this magazine scooped Nagayama’s love affair with actress Kanna Mori (34). At the time, Nagayama, who drove a sports car that was produced in a limited edition of 500 worldwide, drove his beloved car to Haneda Airport to pick up Mori and often visited her at her apartment. They lived together half the time, spending Christmas and New Year’s together.

The following May ’16, “FLASH” reported his relationship with Hikari Mitsushima (37). It seems that Nagayama, his brother Eita, his wife Kaela Kimura (38), and their two children visited Mitsushima’s apartment together, and Mitsushima’s younger brother Shinnosuke (34) was also there, making it a family affair.

At that time, both offices acknowledged their relationship, but it seems that they soon broke up. Recently, it is reported that he had been living together with a model, Ako, who is 9 years younger than him since the end of last year.

According to some reports, it was a woman closely related to Nagayama who provided the police with the information. Looking at his past love affairs, he does not seem to have bad luck with women at all, but it seems that there was a pitfall somewhere.

The two leave the airport for Mori’s apartment. Mori has a suitcase in his hand.
The two men leave Mori’s apartment. They were walking without any disguise.
After work, they sometimes drive fast and furious to see Mori.
During a break in the location shoot, they went to Yoshinoya Restaurant while the other co-stars were chatting and laughing.
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