Office announces indefinite suspension…Ryoko Hirosue awaits “possibility of retiring from show business” and “Ultra C for her comeback | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Office announces indefinite suspension…Ryoko Hirosue awaits “possibility of retiring from show business” and “Ultra C for her comeback

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Hirosue was suspended “indefinitely” within a week of the affair report. His office is also taking a firm stand.

I went down on my knees and directly said “I’m sorry” to my own family and my three children. They understood and accepted me as an immature mother.

Ryoko Hirosue (42) posted the following text on her official Instagram page on March 14. She admitted to the report of her double affair with Shusaku Toba, 45, a married man and owner chef of the French restaurant “sio. The posted text was,

I will keep in mind the fact that I have tarnished my acting career, which was my dream, and the fact that I have harmed Mr. Toba’s family, and I will think about my life from now on.

The post concludes with an apology. The agency also apologized again on its official website and announced that it would impose “indefinite house arrest” on Hirosue.

The day after the affair was reported, the Kirin Beer “Hon Kirin” commercial video was removed from the official website. This time, after Hirosue admitted to the affair, Nihon Wasou, which offers kimono dressing classes and other services, also removed the image of Hirosue from the top page of its official website.

LegalOn Technologies, a software development company, and Edwin, an apparel company, also deleted their Web ads, and now all four companies with which they had commercial contracts have deleted their ads.

Since Hirosue had a strong clean image, including winning the “Best Mother Award” last year, the affair report has caused quite a stir. The indefinite suspension is a heavy punishment, but a person involved in the entertainment industry says, “It would not be surprising if she retired from the entertainment industry without making a comeback.

In the case of Ms. Hirosue, the gap between her image up to now and the riot caused a huge reaction from the public. In fact, Kirin Brewery commented that it had ‘determined that the value of the product could not be conveyed,’ and Nihon Waso had harsh words to say, ‘The impact on customers and the world is enormous.

It is a fatal wound that is too great for an actress. The office has just announced its decision and the future is still uncertain, but I think it is possible that she will retire from acting.

However, the road to a return to acting is not completely closed. A source in the film industry revealed that there is an “ultra C” to a comeback.

If a major overseas distributor such as Netflix offers her a “no nudity” package that includes full nudity, there is still a chance for her to continue her career as an actress. The movie “Departures,” released in 2008, won the Grand Prix at the 32nd Montreal World Film Festival and the Best Foreign Language Film at the 81st Academy Awards, and Hirosue herself has received high acclaim. Her acting career in Japan is doomed, but if she moves her base overseas, there is still a possibility for her to continue her activities.

Also, although not an adulterer, Mariya Nishiuchi (29) is still fresh in our memories in terms of her comeback after being dried out by her office due to the independence scandal.’ In 2009, she made a sensational comeback in Season 2 of “Nude Director. She gave a passionate performance in which she was not afraid to go nude. In January of this year, she starred in a Japan-China joint production of the music drama “Li Xianglan: Flowers and Flowers. There is no doubt about Hirosue’s ability, but she has to clear the real problem of whether or not she will be offered the role.

There is no doubt about Hirosue’s ability, but will she disappear from the stage?

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