Actress Mayu Tsuruta, who is favored by her “talent,” is “appearing in a morning drama for the first time,” and her true face is shining in the photo. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Actress Mayu Tsuruta, who is favored by her “talent,” is “appearing in a morning drama for the first time,” and her true face is shining in the photo.

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Tsuruta on a hand-holding affair date with Ryuichi Sakamoto (May 5, ’00 issue)

Mayu Tsuruta (53) made her first appearance in the June 5 episode of NHK’s television series “Ranman. Tsuruta plays Ichi Ohata, the wife of a printer whose husband, Mantaro, played by Ryunosuke Kamiki, offers her an apprenticeship to learn printing techniques. This is her first appearance in a morning drama. Tsuruta said at the time of the announcement in March of this year,

In contrast to Mantaro Makino, played by Mr. Kamiki, who is always going his own way, Ichi is a brusque but passionate person with a human touch. I would like to make up this contrast in a funny way together with Eiji Okuda, who plays my husband.

She expressed her enthusiasm for the role. True to her words, Tsuruta’s performance is very lively, as if she were a downtown landlady. The internet was full of comments praising her performance, but also expressing surprise at her unchanged good looks and beautiful voice.

Tsuruta was born in Kamakura and made her acting debut while attending Seijo Gakuen High School. After entering Seijo University, she majored in art history and is a genuine young lady.’ She first gained attention in a 1992 Nippon Oil commercial, and then became one of the trendiest actresses in the Nippon Television dramas “Bad Girl” and “Jealousy. With her innocent appearance and clear voice, she was always ranked high in the “Actresses I Want to Marry” list.

In her private life, she has had affairs with such “talented” celebrities as Kenji Ozawa, Hidetoshi Nakata, and Roland Kirishima, but her “adulterous date” with the recently deceased Ryuichi Sakamoto had such an impact that it blew her innocent image out of the water. (Sports newspaper reporter)

Tsuruta also married artist Diesuke Nakayama (55) in December 2001. FRIDAY” paid attention to Tsuruta immediately after her debut as a “young lady actress. She has been seen on an affair date with Ryuichi Sakamoto, a New York date with Diceke Nakayama, shopping at a high-end supermarket with her dog, and a cafe date with her husband. …… We would like to introduce Tsuruta’s aura-enhancing beauty in these treasured photos.

The moment when Tsuruta’s career changed from a “lady-like actress” to a “woman in love who is well-liked by her talents

It was a night in mid-April 2000. Ryuichi Sakamoto, aka “Professor,” and Mayu Tsuruta were having dinner together at a high-class Italian restaurant in Tokyo. They looked at each other as they exchanged words. After leaving the restaurant, Sakamoto and Tsuruta held hands and smiled at each other, suggesting an unusual relationship.

Sakamoto and Tsuruta seemed to have developed a rapport rapidly after appearing together on a TV show. Until then, there had been rumors of a passionate love affair between the two talented artists, but this was the first time they had actually been photographed. I think the shock to their fans was immeasurable.

Tsuruta denied the affair immediately after the report, but two months later she was reported to have met secretly at the same restaurant again, and her image as a “lady actress” was completely destroyed.

Two years later, in mid-April 2002, Tsuruta was seen in Soho, New York, the city of art. He was visiting New York on his day off, and while touring art galleries, he was accompanied by an up-and-coming artist, Diceke Nakayama, who lived in the area.

The two later married.

After their marriage, she lived in New York, but returned to Japan in 2003. Tsuruta saved her work to support Nakayama, but has gradually been doing more acting work over the past few years. In the future, we will have more and more opportunities to see her acting” (sports newspaper reporter).

She will always be beautiful, and we look forward to seeing more of her in the future!

Tsuruta on location filming the movie “Ki, Wadatsumi no Koe” (April 21, ’95 issue)
Tsuruta on location filming for the movie “Kiki, Watatsumi no Koe” (April 21, ’95 issue)
Tsuruta on an adulterous date with Ryuichi Sakamoto, holding hands (May 5, ’00 issue)
Tsuruta on an adulterous date with Ryuichi Sakamoto (May 5, ’00 issue)
Dating with her future husband, Diceke Nakayama, at an art gallery in Soho, New York (August 2, ’02 issue)
A gallery date with her future husband, Diceke Nakayama, in Soho, New York. They are seen on the far left (August 2, ’02 issue).
Relaxing at a cafe with her husband, Diceke Nakayama, who will serve as president of Tohoku University of Art & Design from 2006 (June 23, ’17 issue)
Tsuruta on a shopping walk with her dog (June 29, 2006 issue)
Tsuruta with her dog while out shopping (June 29, 2006 issue).
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