Ryoko Hirosue “completely fell” before Bunshun’s “second arrow”… “Initial mistake” led to an “irreversible situation”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ryoko Hirosue “completely fell” before Bunshun’s “second arrow”… “Initial mistake” led to an “irreversible situation”.

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Ryoko Hirosue was “indefinitely suspended” due to the adultery scandal. The future of her marital relationship with Mr. Candle Jun is ……

As reported in some weekly magazines, her relationship with Mr. Toba is as described in the article.

The idol who created a huge “Hirosue boom” in the Heisei era may have reached the end of her life.

On June 14, a handwritten apology from actress Ryoko Hirosue (42) was published on Instagram by her manager.

The previous week’s reports of Hirosue’s alleged W affair with Shusaku Toba, chef of the popular restaurant “sio,” had caused a stir, and she finally admitted it publicly.

I am most sorry for the sadness and pain I have caused Mr. Toba’s family.

I went to my own family, my three children, on my knees and said “I’m sorry” directly to them. They understood and accepted me as an immature mother.

Hirosue’s agency also apologized again on its official website and announced that she would be suspended “indefinitely. Toba also apologized on her Twitter page on the same day.

The news reports are generally true,” he admitted.

Toba acknowledged that “the news reports are largely true.

It is rare in the entertainment industry for an actress of Hirosue’s caliber and her agency to make such a “complete” admission. What is noteworthy is the timing. The “apology flag” was set by her husband, Candle Jun, who said at an event in Fukushima on March 11, “I will make a firm decision. Please look forward to it.

At that time, I am sure that Mr. Jun already knew about the fact that they were having an affair. He must have promised to make her apologize. The next day, around 4:30 p.m. on the 12th, Bunshun sent a letter of inquiry asking for confirmation of the facts of the second article, but received no response. Then, on the 14th, the day before Bunshun’s release date, the media got an early print copy around noon. Before that, Hirosue and Toba acknowledged the affair and published an apology. They must have raised the white flag in the face of the “second arrow” that could not be excused.

Bunshun published a “handwritten love letter” from Hirosue with a photo.

I am happy to tell you that I deeply, deeply desire you and love you very much. I love you, Shusaku.

He wrote, “I’ve never loved you so much before,” and carefully left evidence of his love.

When Bunshun directly asked about their initial stay at a luxury hotel, Hirosue denied it completely and became very upset. The story was also published, which tarnished his image. She must have lost herself in order to mend the situation. If he denied it, Bunshun might come out with a “second article,” which is not something one would normally think of calmly. ……

Four commercials were removed at once, and a series of magazine articles were also cancelled. Due in part to the initial mistake, the situation has become irretrievable. The point from now on will be whether they get divorced or not. Looking at the contents of the “graphic love letter” that Mr. Jun wrote to an adulterous man in the neighborhood, I wonder if he will be able to put up with it as a man.

(Sports newspaper reporter) Hirosue wrote that she had apologized “to my own family and my three children. However, she did not use the word “husband. What does this mean?


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