Finally, the government has moved! Noriyuki Higashiyama mentions that “changing the company name” is now “realistic” due to the recognition of “Mr. Janey” as a black history. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Finally, the government has moved! Noriyuki Higashiyama mentions that “changing the company name” is now “realistic” due to the recognition of “Mr. Janey” as a black history.

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Noriyuki Higashiyama mentions the “name change” at Johnny’s. As the “eldest son” of the office, what does he think of the current turmoil? ……

The existence of Johnny’s is about to become “black history.

He died in July 2007 at the age of 87. He was affectionately known as “Mr. Janney,” and many of the Johnny’s talents have fond memories of him, but due to a series of sexual assaults, it is unlikely that the name “Mr. Janney” will be mentioned in the future.

The Johnny’s office has completely misjudged the situation.

A senior executive at a major entertainment company said as much.

The problem was triggered by the “accusations” of former Johnny’s Jr. member Cowan Okamoto and others, and the Johnny’s office had hoped to end it with an “apology video” of President Keiko Fujishima’s face last month.

However, the fact that they simply stated that they “did not know” about Janney’s decades of sexual abuse only deepened suspicions. ……

Finally, on June 12, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida ordered that a meeting of relevant ministries to discuss strengthening measures to prevent sex crimes be established under the supervision of the minister in charge of children’s policy. On the same day, at a meeting at the party headquarters, the LDP heard opinions from two former Jr.

Earlier, the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan had invited Mr. Cowan and others to the Diet for a hearing, and now the ruling party has finally begun to get serious about the matter. Of course, there is an aspect of gaining points in anticipation of the general election that is expected to take place within this year. Even so, Johnny’s has fallen into the biggest pinch since its founding because it has become a “national issue.

On the same day that the sexual assault was discussed in the Diet, the “Special Team for the Prevention of Recurrence by Outside Experts” set up by Johnny’s held a press conference in Tokyo. The special team consisted of three members: Makoto Hayashi, a former prosecutor general and lawyer; Nozomu Asukai, a psychiatrist; and a clinical psychologist who supports victims of sexual assault. Mr. Hayashi, who chaired the meeting, called it “a very serious issue.

“We would like to sit down with those who have reported sexual victimization by Johnny’s, talk to them directly, and hold hearings with Johnny’s office staff.”

He said.

Simply put, the special team can independently “fact-find” about the sexual assault and sexual harm and make recommendations to Johnny’s on that basis. On the other hand, it will not overturn Mr. Julie’s statement that he “did not know” and certify that he is “responsible.

The purpose is to identify problems in governance at the time. The compensation for the three is paid by the Johnny’s s office. A senior executive of the entertainment business mentioned above said, “There is no possibility of increasing the number of people in the group.

I hear there is a possibility of increasing the number of people, but just three people have to do a huge amount of work. How much time will it take?

The executive from an advertising agency also questioned this.

A person involved in an advertising agency also commented

I have the impression that the investigation of the Johnny’s issue is being conducted on two fronts: the “country” and the “office. If the two were combined, I think it would be possible to smoothly investigate the whole situation, but Johnny’s will never do that. It seems that they are aiming for “self-reconstruction.

The “Snow Man” group was also investigated.

On the same day, a poster for the musical “DREAM BOYS” (September 9-28, Imperial Theatre, Tokyo), in which Shota Watanabe of Snow Man and Shintaro Morimoto of SixTONES are the main cast, was unveiled. There is the customary

Eternal Producer: Janney Kitagawa

was missing. This was a comprehensive decision by Toho, the production company, and the Johnny’s office.

The company’s name change, as mentioned by Noriyuki Higashiyama in his appearance last month on “Sunday Live! mentioned in his appearance last month on “Sunday LIVE! There are many who are against it, but it is not good for the image of the company. At the very least, they will be shunned overseas, where such problems are more severe.

The “Empire of Johnny’s” has never expected such a thing to happen. …… The shock in the entertainment industry seems to be slowing down.

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